Property Management Istanbul

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We Take Care of Your Property!

Property management is one of the most important services for real estate owners. You don’t need to concern about how to maintain and to rent out your property after you invested because we are here to take care of your property as it is our own property. Our comprehensive property management service includes,

Renting Out

We rent out your property from the optimum price to the candidates who are able to prove their income and ability of payments. Our local operation team lists your property in the most visited advertisement websites and collaborates with the reliable local real estate agents to rent your property faster.

Rent Collecting

We make sure that your rent is paid on time to your bank account. In case of delay or refusal of payment, our legal team steps in and takes legal action.

Maintenance and Technical Services

We follow up with the maintenance periodically. We make sure that your tenant pays up the maintenance fee regularly and receives the maintenance service. In case of any technical problem, our property management team contacts with either internal or external technical services to solve out the problem as soon as possible.

Following Up with Utility & Tax Payments

We follow up with your tax payments that you need to pay periodically. If the utility bills on your name, we follow up the bills and make sure that they are paid.

Property Renovation

When a tenant leaves from your property, it is usually required some renovations such as painting, repairment and cleaning. We provide all these services to you and we make sure that your property is renewed cleanly for your new tenant candidates.