Where is the most profitable district to invest in Istanbul?

Where is the most profitable district to invest in Istanbul?

According to the latest dataBeykoz, Sariyer and Avcilar became the most profitable districts to invest in Istanbul in 2020. From January 2020 to January 2021, recorded price increases for the listed districts are %112,85 for Beykoz, %99,56 for Sariyer and %77,63 for Avcilar.  The main reason behind the increase in these districts the coronavirus pandemic since Sariyer and Beykoz are the districts with the highest numbers of villas and green areas.


Beykoz is an Asian Side of the Istanbul district which is close to the European Side. Even though Beykoz is a very large district, the urbanized part of Beykoz is the closest part to the European Side of Istanbul. Beykoz is a district with the highest number of villa projects in it. By the effect of the pandemic, people demand properties with gardens. Therefore, the square meter price in Beykoz increased very fast and it became the most profitable district to invest in Istanbul. Beykoz Konaklari, Acarkent, Cubuklu Vadi Evleri are the most well-known villa projects in Beykoz


Sariyer is the central seaside district of Istanbul. Sariyer also starts from the city center and covers a large area through the Black Sea coast which is the north part of Istanbul. Unlike Beykoz, the urbanization in Sariyer is more widespread. That’s why the north point of Sariyer has forest side neighborhoods such as Zekeriyakoy, Bahcekoy, Uskumrukoy and Demircikoy which have lots of villa projects as well. Moreover, another reason behind why property prices increased in Sariyer is the Seyrantepe area. Seyrantepe area is the central part of Sariyer. In this area, lots of new real estate projects have been developed and prices went up with the other investments’ impact such as new metro station, Vadistanbul shopping mall, hospitals and universities.


Avcilar is in the western part of European Istanbul between Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece Lakes. Since Istanbul is growing towards the west, Avcilar became a very strategic point in the city. In addition to this, Avcilar has a near e-5 highway location and nearby to the largest university of Istanbul, Istanbul University. By these reasons and an increasing number of high-quality real estate projects in the area, square meter prices increased faster in Avcilar.

Buy Apartment in Istanbul in the Most Profitable Districts

Although districts with the highest return of investments are clear, it is also important to choose and invest in the right property. We are assessing all the real estate projects in the mentioned areas and help our customers to buy the right property in Istanbul at the right price. To have further information, kindly reach us.