Where Do Foreigners and Expats Prefer to live in Istanbul

Where Do Foreigners and Expats Prefer to live in Istanbul

The number of foreigners and expats living in Istanbul is increasing day by day. Although there have been decreases in the last two years due to the pandemic, we can say that this situation will not create a permanence for Istanbul. Throughout history, Istanbul has maintained its place among the few centers of the world, both culturally and economically. Until today, both its geographical location and the interest of financial circles have made Istanbul a center of attraction. The commercial activities between Europe and Asia created an effect that increased the trend of Istanbul in the world.

Istanbul with its historical heritage, natural beauties and cultural riches; It is a metropolitan city with a capacity to host up to 13 million tourists before the pandemic. It is also known as the largest city in Turkey with its population and economic capacity. Hosting the few cultural events in the world and hosting many artists throughout the year, Istanbul has become a business travel center due to the traffic in its airspace.

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge


Istanbul's international activity capacity has developed in many areas from trade to finance, from art to culture, from tourism to travel; It also increases the number of expats. Many companies abroad prefer Istanbul when they want to open a branch in Turkey. As long as Turkey's volume in foreign trade expands, we can say that this will increasingly continue. According to the 2021 data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute, 350 thousand of the 1 million 300 thousand foreign population who have a residence permit or work permit in Turkey live in Istanbul. It is seen that expats who prefer different regions to live in Istanbul generally prefer central locations. For expats, Istanbul has become their second home. We have listed the locations where foreigners and expats prefer to live in Istanbul.

 Where Do Expats Live in Istanbul?


Expats in Istanbul come from different parts of the world, adding color to the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul. It is known that people from all different nationalities live in Istanbul. Expats strive to find the most suitable district for them in Istanbul, which has such a rich cultural structure.



Sariyer, which attracts the attention of foreigners and expats due to its location, is next to the Bosphorus in the east and the Black Sea in the north. It is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is known for its proximity to Sisli and Beşiktaş districts. Famous for its Bosphorus view and white seagulls, Sariyer is also home to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, known as the 2nd Bosphorus bridge. 15 July Martyrs Bridge, formerly known as Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge, can also be seen from within the borders of Sariyer. Sariyer also draws attention with its many mansions next to the Bopshorus coast. Sariyer is a very preferred town with its calmness for expats who love to walk on the beach, do sports in the open air, fish and ride a bike. While making a choice, expats also take into account the private and state universities in Sariyer. Emirgan Grove and Ataturk Arboretum impress foreigners and expats with the natural beauties they offer.

Sariyer, Istanbul


Kadikoy and Moda

One of the places that expats in Istanbul prefer to live in is Kadikoy and Moda. Kadikoy district, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, is one of the city's favorite districts due to its transportation infrastructure and social opportunities. Generally, Europeans and especially Germans choose to live in Fenerbahce, located in Kadikoy while The British prefer Moda. You can reach many places you need in Kadikoy by walking. The proximity to shopping centers, the abundance of cultural and artistic activities, the presence of walking and cycling tracks, and the places where you can have a good time in the evenings make Kadikoy a center of attraction for expats. It is one of the districts where transportation to other parts of Istanbul is easily provided by ferry, bus, metro and tram services. Kadikoy is ideal for those who love a modern, lively and busy lifestyle.

Kadikoy, Moda



Sisli is one of the districts on the European side of Istanbul, where foreign workers want to live, with its near location to business centers. This district, which has a central location, is also very close to the modern and lively districts of the city such as Taksim, Besiktas and Levent. Sisli is located in a location where it will not be difficult for foreign employees to meet with their friends. Therefore, real estate investments in Sisli district do not lose their value, regardless of home or commercial property. Sisli is a good option for those who come to Turkey from abroad and want to both live and invest in real estate. The Bosphorus view, known as the pearl of Istanbul, can be watched from Sisli.

Sisli, Istanbul



Considered one of the richest districts of Turkey, not of Istanbul, Besiktas carries the traces of history at every point. On the other hand, it has a modern life flow. It is busy and crowded every hour of the day in Besiktas.

Istanbul, Besiktas