What to Consider When Buying a Property from a Project in Istanbul

What to Consider When Buying a Property from a Project in Istanbul

When buying a property from a real estate project in Istanbul, you need to consider many critical points at the same time, to get your investment’s worth. If your intention is to buy a property abroad, you will need the sources where you can acquire the right data. Each country has its own property contract and land registry laws. The purchase you make must both meet your demands and not leave you in a difficult situation from a legal point of view. Therefore, when buying an apartment in Istanbul from a real estate project, several points must be considered.

When it comes to Turkey, you will need to pay the same attention. Since there are lots of housing projects in Turkey, you will encounter with many different options and attitude. While this means that you can easily find the house you want in Turkey, it also means that you will have difficulty in making a decision due to the variety of choices. If you know exactly what you want, it will be easier to go through your options and you will not have a hard time making a decision. On the other hand, the renewed legal regulations have made it much easier for foreigners to buy property in Turkey. After you have made up your mind, you can become a home owner in Turkey by completing your title deed transactions within a day.

Don't Make a Decision Without Looking at the Location

One of the most important points to consider when buying a property from a project in Istanbul is the location. Value increases in locations vary in the short-term or long-term. Do not make your final decision without calculating the projected value increase depending on the location of the apartment you are interested in in Istanbul. On the other hand, you should make the most appropriate decision for your budget by considering the distance to the places you need to go to frequently during your stay in Turkey, the living conditions of the district where the property is located, the transportation opportunities and the distance from the city center.

Pay attention to Project Details

If you are interested in buying an apartment in Turkey, you should strictly pay attention to the details of the project. While evaluating the projects, you need to carefully consider many details such as quality, location information, square meter size, floor plans, number of rooms, view and social life facilities. Try to choose projects that fit your living habits and standards and meet your expectations. If you like to swim regularly in daily life, you can choose projects with swimming pools; Or if the view is important to you, your priority may be apartments with a good sea, forest or city view. What is important and prioritized for you, you can choose the housing projects according to these criteria. In addition to your priorities, if you have a thought to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment; your priority may be to buy a property worth at least 250 thousand dollars. Because foreigners who own 250 thousand dollar worth of real estate in Turkey are granted citizenship.

Make Sure of the Payment Plan

You should make sure that you agree with the other party on the payment plan you foresee for the property you are considering to buy in Istanbul. You should be careful to avoid misunderstandings that may occur due to the foreign language barrier. You can buy property from projects in Istanbul with a cash payment, or you can also consider installment options. You can pay the remaining amount in installments by making a down payment of 30-50% for the projects. If you want to use mortgage, some private Turkish banks will help you. It is useful to do your research to find out which bank will offer the most ideal payment program for you.

Review the Sales Agreement

You have determined the criteria you are looking for in a property and you have found a property in a project according to your criteria. You have decided to buy the apartment in Istanbul and you have come together to sign the sales contract. At this last stage before starting the deed transactions, you should pay attention to what is written in the sales contract. It is very important whether the project includes the details that you have been told and approved. In the sales contracts, the full address of the house, square meter information, technical specifications the delivery date and the legal responsibilities if it is not delivered on the delivery date should be clearly stated.

Work with Professional Real Estate Consulting Firm While Buying a Property from the Project in Istanbul

When buying a property from a project in Istanbul, there are many issues that should not be overlooked. For example, if the house you are interested in is within the borders of the military security zone, you do not have a chance to acquire a residence as a foreigner. Instead of learning such details at the time of sale, you can contact experts who will help you use your time and budget more efficiently. In the professional service you will receive from Century21sinerji, experts are for you to;


·       Determine projects that meet your demands and criteria

·       Prepare ROI reports of projects

·       Makes price-quality comparisons for you

·       Informs you about your legal responsibilities and rights

·       Offers expert opinion on payment plan

·       Helps you to deal with legal paperwork