What are the reasons to invest in Istanbul?

What are the reasons to invest in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the largest and dynamic cities in the world. There are 16 million people who live in Istanbul from almost all the countries in the world. Istanbul has a very diversified social and economic structure. Therefore, direct foreign investment into Istanbul is very high. We listed the main reasons to invest in Istanbul.

1- One of the fastest growing economies in the world

Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Moreover, for the 2020 3rd quarter, Turkey became the fastest growing economy in the world by %6,7 growth rate. According to the forecasts, Turkey’s economic growth will continue and Turkey will be amongst the top 10 economies in the world by 2040.

2- Strategic location

Istanbul has a very strategic location. It is in a position that combines Europe with Asia. Istanbul Bosphorus is one of the most important seaways of the world. Istanbul is also the closest point to Europe, Asia and Africa. From Istanbul it is possible to reach more than 50 countries in 3 hours flying and it is also possible to reach the Euro Zone from Istanbul by 2,5 hours car drive.

3- Young and Dynamic Population

Turkey has a large percentage of the young population as %15,6It is the country with the youngest population in the Europe. Young population means dynamism and workforce. That’s why Istanbul, as the largest city of Turkey offers tremendous business potential.

4- Powerful Passport

You can obtain a Turkish Passport by purchasing 250.000 USD worth of property. Even though Turkey’s passport is not one of the most powerful ones in the world, still it is accepted in a good position. Turkish passport is 53rd most powerful passport in the world and it allows you to travel 110 countries visa free by 2021.

5- Strong Healthcare System

Turkey’s healthcare system is very strong and accessible. Turkey has the highest number of intense care units per 100.000 people in Europe. Istanbul has the city with the highest number of both public and private hospitals in the country. Public healthcare insurance is apx. 11 USD per month which allows you to get a health care from all the public hospitals and most of the private hospitals.

6- High Quality and Affordable Properties

The quality of the construction in Istanbul is 1st class. Turkish developers are very experienced and professional as they develop real estate projects all around the world. Starting from 80.000 USD, it is possible to buy an apartment in Istanbul in a new real estate project with social facilities with high class interior quality.

Invest in Istanbul

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