Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Villa projects and detached villas in Istanbul have become more popular after the pandemic started. In some places, villas prices are doubled since the pandemic began. Especially villas with large gardens are in high demand these days. There are lots of villas for sale in Istanbul in numerous locations. It is possible to buy a villa for sale in Istanbul both in new and old projects as well as detached (independent) villas.

Where to Buy Villa for Sale in Istanbul?

Although there are villa options all over Istanbul, villas in central locations are the most popular ones in Istanbul. However, villa prices in Istanbul are higher in the central locations. The most preferred locations are listed below to buy villas for sale in Istanbul.


Beykoz is in the Asian Side of Istanbul. It is one of the nearest areas of Asian Side to the European Side. Beykoz offers both Bosphorus and forest views at the same time and easy to access location. Since lots of luxury real estate projects here, Beykoz is the most valuable area of Istanbul. There are 3 very popular villa projects in Beykoz such as Beykoz Konaklari, Acarkent and Cubuklu Vadi Evleri. These projects consist of hundreds of luxury villas, green areas, social facilities and security. The smallest villas in these projects are around 350m2 with 200-250m2 gardens. To buy villas for sale in Beykoz, starting prices are around 1M USD.


Gokturk is a neighborhood in Eyup district which is closer to the new Istanbul Airport and around 15 minutes from central Istanbul by driving.  It is a new area which is started to be built after 2000. In Gokturk there are both new villa projects, detached villas and new apartment projects. Also, the upcoming metro line which will be active at the end of 2021 will have a station in Gokturk. In Gokturk, it is possible to buy villa from boutique projects with 6-7 villas as well as large villa projects with hundred villas, green areas and golf fields such as Kemer CountryTo buy a villa for sale in Gokturk, the minimum amount you need to pay is around 800.000 USD.


Sariyer is a large area on the European side of Istanbul. It starts from central Istanbul and goes toward the Black Sea shores. Neighborhoods like Tarabya, Maslak, Buyukdere, Yenikoy, Kilyos and Zekeriyakoy located in Sariyer area. Villas in Sariyer mainly, Tarabya, Buyukdere, Yenikoy as in the central neighborhoods, Kilyos, Bahcekoy and Zekeriyakoy as in the out of central neighborhoods. Villas in the central neighborhoods are usually attached and old ones with higher prices because of the location. On the other hand, villas in the neighborhoods ouf of central Istanbul are cheaper and newer. To buy a villa for sale in Sariyer, the minimum budget should be around 750.000 USD.

Buy Villa for Sale in Istanbul

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