Turkey's Rising Star: Health Tourism

Turkey's Rising Star: Health Tourism

Turkey has been one of the most preferred countries for health tourism for many years. Turkey, which is generally preferred in many health fields, also allows these tourists to settle in the country temporarily or completely. With health tourism in Turkey, tourists get a quality service at world standards. By these opportunities, which are advantageous in many ways, they happily return to their country. In addition to that, many tourists who want to have these opportunities offered by Turkey settle in Turkey for good after their retirements.

In Which Areas Is Turkey Preferred for Health Tourism?

Health tourism in Turkey takes place actively in many health fields. Tourists have the advantage of having the treatment or operation they want in Turkey, where they come for health reasons. If we talk about the areas that tourists prefer in Turkey in general, we can say that they choose Turkey because of different aesthetic applications such as various eye diseases, internal diseases, general surgery, mouth and jaw diseases, pediatric health and hair transplantation. In addition, many tourists come to Turkey for dental purposes. In terms of health tourism, all these treatments and procedures are carried out more advantageously in Turkey than in other countries.

Why Do Tourists Choose Turkey as Health Tourism? What are the advantages?

Health tourism in Turkey is much more advantageous for tourists. Turkey, which is preferred by tourists for health reasons, performs these transactions at more affordable prices than many other countries. In countries where healthcare services are generally expensive, patients have difficulties accessing the treatments and procedures they want. However, all these transactions in Turkey can be performed for less than half a fee. In addition to this, a world-class quality health service is obtained despite the low cost of payment. For these reasons, tourists prefer Turkey as health tourism.

Another reason why tourists come here is the low waiting time. In many countries, when waiting times are longer than necessary, patients have difficulties in reaching the treatment they want. But in Turkey, these waiting times are much less. Thus, health services can be obtained in an extremely short time. In addition, with the number of accredited health institutions and organizations, health tourism is increasing in Turkey. With a 4-hour flight time from anywhere in the world, you can have treatment on almost the same day. Attracting thousands of tourists every year by Turkey’s geo-strategic location, Turkey demonstrates its world-class quality and advantages in healthcare services to foreigners.

What are Turkey’s Strengths in terms of Health Tourism?

Turkey has many strengths and advantages in terms of health tourism. One of these strengths is the presence of a well-known national airline, such as Turkish Airlines (THY), that provides flights to the most destinations in the world. Tourists can come to the country very quickly and easily and benefit from health services. In addition, the fact that Turkey has 4 seasons also affects health tourism. One of its strengths is that it has an extremely rich touristic place and is an Anatolian historical center. Especially the strong image of Turkey in some countries may cause tourists to come here for health tourism with confidence. The fact that it has a young and dynamic workforce potential also has a great impact on its preference. The presence of world-renowned physicians who are experts in their fields increases the arrival of tourists to the country. With its many strengths such as personalized service and thermal resources, health tourism in Turkey is a constantly developing and growing field.