Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Istanbul

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Istanbul

Today, many people want to invest in real estate in Istanbul. The attractiveness of Istanbul in terms of housing and is suitable for investment directs people into Istanbul. Therefore, the real estate market comes up with new prices every day. There are some reasons to invest in Istanbul. These reasons clearly show us why investors prefer to invest in Istanbul.

1 -) Active Real Estate Market

Istanbul is becoming a very active city in the real estate market. It is generally known as the city with the highest price increase compared to other cities. The high demand and the rapid selling of houses increase the value of existing houses. In addition, properties with good condition and good location gain much more value. For this reason, it is extremely profitable to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

2-) It is the Common Center of All Business Sectors

Since Istanbul is a world-renowned city, it is a common center of business sectors for Turkey, Middle East and Balkans. Most of the multi-national companies locate the Middle East – Balkans headquarters in Istanbul. The presence of many businesses and companies here also affects the real estate industry. Therefore, housing projects are mostly built here and put up for sale. People who want to buy property in Istanbul also prefer these houses that are close to their jobs. In addition, it is a key city with many more job opportunities. It receives a lot of immigration from other cities and countries.

3-) One of The Most Visited Cities in the World

Another reason to invest in real estate in Istanbul is the tourism sector. With its cultural heritage and geography, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Therefore, this tourism sector ensures that the real estate market is alive. Many foreigners from abroad want to settle in Istanbul. As such, real estate prices increase in Istanbul in most of the regions.

4-) Offers High Profit Opportunity for the Future

Buying a property in Istanbul is a very logical move for future investment. In general, the increase in prices every year and the resulting profit rate provide great profits. Buying an apartment in Istanbul, especially in the neighborhoods where there are developing and large projects, gives a much higher profit rate. Investing in Istanbul in a neighborhood with a strong location provides surprising gains even after a few years. Those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul should choose the apartment they will buy from a good region

5-) Mega Projects in the City

Istanbul is a city that develops with mega projects day by day. It continues to shape the real estate market with its airports, bridges, mega projects and many more advantages. It is very advantageous for investment, especially to buy real estate from close to these projects such as Kanal Istanbul. The reason for this is explained by the fact that mega projects increase the prices of houses in the nearby much more over time. Therefore, it is necessary to follow these projects on the agenda and buy houses from the districts on the route or nearby. It is recommended to take advantage of these opportunities to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

 6-) The Amortization Period (Return of Investment) of Properties is Higher

Istanbul allows the purchased properties to be amortized in a much shorter time. With the real estate market being very active, house prices are increasing day by day. This allows the purchased properties to pay for themselves in a shorter period. This payback period, which is a great opportunity to invest in real estate in Istanbul, also gives extremely high profit rates. Buying a house in a developing neighborhood with a strong location shortens this time.