Tips for Earning in Real Estate Investments in Istanbul

Tips for Earning in Real Estate Investments in Istanbul

The real estate sector is one of the most common and most preferred investment instruments in Istanbul and worldwide in general. Recently, residential and commercial real estate investments in Istanbul are seen as the best real estate investments that have gained value with the effect of current conditions.


What are the Tips for Earning in Real Estate Investments?


How is it possible to earn in real estate investments? The answers to this question can be listed as follows:


Commercial and residential investment: It is always one of the most profitable investments in the real estate sector in Istanbul. It is the investment tool that brings the most profit in the long term in terms of rent or sale, as the location of the real estate gains in value. The price of a real estate purchased at its normal value today can turn into a fortune in the long run as its location appreciates.


Land investment: Real estate professionals; He says that the best choice to be made in investment should be made with a strategic planning and in the long term. The most correct investment made with this strategic plan is considered to be land. The investment planning made according to the zoning conditions in a region where a land is purchased is recommended by the experts. Zoned lands and suitability for tourism also provide an advantage. It turns into a good investment tool in the long run.


Land and field investment: Idle lands, which have no value today as real estate, may become lands that are valued by the state's zoning in the future. Since these lands are more affordable than land, they are an attractive investment tool, but they are risky due to the zoning problem. On the other hand, fields are a preferred investment tool in the regions where agricultural practices are made. Expert advice for field investment is consideration of soil fertility and climatic conditions.


Investment partnership and stock: Companies working in the real estate sector have been using investment tools such as investment partnerships and stocks frequently in recent years. These investment instruments are also considered as an investment method that can earn little in the long term.


What is a True Real Estate Investment?


Immovable and all valuable properties and assets are considered as real estate assets and are evaluated as investments accordingly. As an example of valuable and immovable properties; investment instruments such as housing, workplace, land and building can be shown. In addition, the articles of ownership regarding immovables in the Turkish Civil Code are as follows:


·       Lands,


·       Independent departments registered in condominium,


·       Independent and permanent rights recorded in the land registry,


·       The ownership of the immovable is regulated within the framework of the "goods law" in the Civil Code,


·       It is the realization of the acquisition of immovable property through registration.


In addition, the concepts of “real estate” and “Security” are two of the concepts that are often confused with each other. Real estate investments are used for immovable and valuable property. However, the word "securities"; It is a concept that expresses all valuable goods and properties that can be moved. For example, a car is an investment vehicle with security. Investment instruments such as foreign currency, gold and stocks are also considered as securities.




How to Make the Right Real Estate Investment?


Earning a high rate of income from investments to be made in the real estate world depends on some changing conditions today. Increasing the profit in real estate investment can be possible with a process that starts with keeping up with the changes of the age and reading the market well. Afterwards, making the right investment in the right place is one of the moves that bring the highest profit.


“Buying bargains and selling at high prices”, which has been practiced since ancient times, is a very risky and rigorous issue in the real estate sector. Investments in the real estate sector, of course, carry a risky feature. However, due to this feature, real estate investments are works that need to be done using strategic planning and rational methods.


How to make the right real estate investment? The following items contain the most accurate clues to this question.


·       There is no problem with the title deed,


·       Calculation of risks related to the area where the real estate is located,


·       Having zoning and occupancy permits,


·       Availability of building usage certificate,


·       The common use areas and rights in cooperative structures are clear,


·       Being resistant to natural disasters,


·       Accurately performing ground inspection in buildings.


Real estate investment is a long-term investment tool. Therefore, these risk items should be investigated before investing.