The Effects of The Third Airport of Istanbul on Real Estate Prices

The Effects of The Third Airport of Istanbul on Real Estate Prices

With the completion of the new Istanbul Airport, Istanbul real estate prices increased tremendously. Especially in the neighborhoods close to the new airport, real estate prices have almost doubled. It seems that the new airport, which has turned the whole real estate market in Istanbul upside down, will still be effective in the upcoming period. However, despite this 100% increase in real estate prices in Istanbul, they still face great demands. The city’s population continues to increase day by day, and the demands for housing are increasing. In many neighborhoods, new housing projects are starting to be built due to these housing demands.

With the increase in the number of tourists coming to Turkey in general, the real estate market in Istanbul seems to continue to increase with this trend. Especially, the apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Airport continue to be sold very quickly. No matter how high the housing prices are, the demands still seem to be at very high levels. We can say that the real estate market is very active in the Vadistanbul region, Seyrantepe and Maslak regions. New housing projects are built in these regions as well, to meet the housing demands in Istanbul.

Seyrantepe Istanbul Apartments for Sale

Seyrantepe Neighborhood, which is the area where Vadistanbul and Galatasaray stadium is, comes with new real estate projects. The new Istanbul Airport has greatly affected the real estate market of this region. The apartments for sale near the New Istanbul Airport have suddenly increased in price. People who want to invest in Istanbul in a developing location, get more focused to the properties around new arising areas such as Seyrantepe.

Seyrantepe, which is also advantageous in terms of transportation, is located within a 10 to 15 minutes driving distance from most important points of Istanbul such as Taksim, Besiktas, Eminonu. The properties for sale in Seyrantepe Istanbul, are suitable for the middle- and upper-income groups. If we look at the ever-increasing real estate prices in Istanbul, Seyrantepe is one of the neighborhoods that can be preferred priorly.

New Housing Projects in Maslak Istanbul

As one of the fastest developing areas in Istanbul, Maslak is one of the most preferred regions for to buy apartment in Istanbul, along with new housing projects. Istanbul real estate prices have reached a much more attractive position with the construction of new housing projects in this region.  Maslak, where large projects such as Maslak 1453, Mashattan and Maslak 42 are located, is a central Istanbul location that is preferred by people with middle- and upper-income levels. Istanbul real estate prices should be evaluated considering these situations and a house purchase should be made accordingly.

Istanbul Real Estate Prices in 2021

Real estate prices in Istanbul are said to be very active by the sector experts. Especially the apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Airport have gained a lot of value accordingly. In the neighborhoods and regions close to the airport, the properties have been sold one by one. For people who want to buy property in Istanbul, areas near to the new Istanbul Airport come forward as an investment opportunity. Constantly increasing property prices in Istanbul, have almost doubled. With the increase in the number of tourists coming to Turkey, the real estate market has become much more active.

Considering the real estate prices in Istanbul, it is recommended that those who want to buy property in Istanbul, in an area that is appreciated should act quicker without losing opportunities. Despite the increase in prices in every region in general, the apartments, especially near the new Istanbul airport and in developing regions, see much greater increases. It will be very logical to buy property for sale in Istanbul in the places such as Seyrantepe and Maslak to invest nearby to the new Istanbul Airport.

Buy Apartment for sale in Istanbul nearby to the New Istanbul Airport

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