Requirements for Turkish Citizenship

Requirements for Turkish Citizenship

What Does Turkish Citizenship Offer?

Turkish citizenship offers many advantages. Firstly, -Turkish Passport is listed in the most valued 40 passports in the world (Passport Index Report) and you can travel 115 countries without visa. Besides to this, some of the other advantages are, -You can take an advantage of free education. -Turkish Healthcare system is one of the strongest medical systems in the world. Only for 82 TL( apx 12

USD) per month you can be registered to healthcare system which covers all the public hospitals and most of the private hospitals. -There isn’t an obligatory military service for the people who obtain citizenship by investment. -Liberal financial system, no wealth declaration. -In a short while, Turkey will have an exemption of visa to EU Countries (Schengen zone) which means Turkish Passport holders will be able to travel to European Union(EU) countries without visa.

How to get a Turkish Citizenship by investment ?

  According to no. 5901 Turkish Citizenship Law, -Foreign investors who purchased 250.000 USD equivalent property, can apply for Turkish Citizenship. They can also apply for their spouses and under underage (18) children with the same investment. Investors cannot sell the property for 3 years. Also, -Foreign investors who deposit 500.000 USD to Turkish banks for 3 years -Who does fixed capital investment 500.000 USD -Who forms a business with at least 50 employees can obtain Turkish Citizenship

What are the steps of applying to Turkish Citizenship?

There are number of steps that have to be carried out carefully for Turkish Citizenship application 1- Valuating the property that you are wishing to purchase by licensed (SPK) expertise (appraisal) firm. SPK Licensed expertise firm has to evaluate your property at least 250.000 USD. You cannot declare any number lower than the expertise report. 2- Once the expertise firm uploaded the report to the tittle deed system. Bank receipt and the application form must be presented to the tittle deed office. *Money transfer must be done via bank in Turkish Lira (EFT). Any other method is not accepted for citizenship application. 3- After the purchase, tittle deed office sends your property documents to Citizenship Bureau. Besides to this there are personal documents that you/your legal representative need to prepare and present to immigration office such as, *Turkish Citizenship application form *Bills of application payment *Birth certificate *Copy of your passports *Tax number *Health Insurance Documents *Documents that proves your relationship with your spouse and/or children *Biometric Photographs *Visa or Residence Permit 4- After all the documents are presented and application is done, Citizenship Commission will be waited to gather and approve the application. In necessary situations commission can demand an interview with appliers.

How Long Does the Process Take ?

Turkish Citizenship application process usually takes 2-6 months. During this period, you will be holding your residency permit and will be free to enter to the country or leave the country.

Is Every Property Eligible for Turkish Citizenship?

There are several points that must be considered such as, –Tax adjustment: Despite the expertise report is higher than 250.000 USD, owner of the property (firm or individual) may not be willing to declare the amount in the report because of the tax purposes. –Military Zone inclusion: There are areas (central and suburb) in Turkey that foreigners cannot buy

-Owner’s Nationality: If the property you are buying is re-sale, the owner must be Turkish. Otherwise it is not accepted for citizenship application.

-Matching Bank Accounts with Owner Names: If there is more than one name on the tittle deed, the payment must be done equally to every owner and to their own bank accounts.

Investors must pay attention to these conditions very carefully, otherwise their 250.000 USD purchase would not be valid to get a Turkish Citizenship. Century21 Sinerji’s professional legal team make sure that the property you buy fulfills the citizenship requirements.

How Does 250.000 USD is calculated in Turkish Lira

USD/TL ratio is calculated by the Central Bank’s effective sales rate of one day before the purchase day.

Can I Buy On-Going Project for Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, you can also buy apartment from an on-going project and apply to Turkish citizenship with your notarized sales contract.

Can I Buy Property with Installments and Apply to Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, you can buy. But you can only apply to Turkish Citizenship once your total payment equals to 250.000 USD.

Can I Have a Professional Assistance for Turkish Citizenship Application?

Our sales and legal teams stand with you in every step of the process (from finding you the right property to delivering your Turkish Identifications) organize your documents and conducts entire citizenship application on behalf of you and your family.