Real Estate Investment Locations in Istanbul

Real Estate Investment Locations in Istanbul

Each of the districts in Istanbul has a distinctive characteristic and each district surrounds its guests and residents with its unique energy. For instance, if you want to experience a tradition in Istanbul, you can attend to the Tulip Festival in the historical Emirgan Grove or for experiencing the modern face of Istanbul you can have fun at Beyoğlu nights, shop at the luxury stores of Nişantaşı or see the colorful houses of Balat and visit the antique shops. However, if you want to live in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we need to consider the districts that stand out with their architecture, tastes, historical structures, fashion and art understanding, cultural texture, business and city life, and the features that distinguish these districts from each other. You can choose the neighborhoods where business centers and universities are densely located, or the most suitable neighborhoods can be quiet areas close to the city center. Considering your daily lifestyle, needs or investment opportunities, we can choose a residence and office in one of the most suitable locations in Istanbul for you.


Business Center/Office Locations in Istanbul

 Istanbul draws attention not only with its luxury housing projects but also with its luxury offices. Smart offices, which are preferred over business centers, are considered a good investment tool. In today's world, where the individual workspace has become smaller and open offices have become a trend, definitions such as Class A, Class B and Class C have begun to be used for offices.

The Levent-Maslak line, known as the prestigious office district, remains a priority for many investors and businessmen. You can find the offices of large domestic companies and international companies on the Levent-Maslak line. If more affordable districts are desired in the city center, Kagithane and Basin Ekspres road can be evaluated. Levent and Ataşehir regions, which are considered as the Central Business District (CBD), continue to maintain their attractiveness for offices. Besiktas-Sisli line with its transportation advantage, Kozyatagi, the Central Business Area of the Anatolian Side, and Altunizade, where the company headquarters are concentrated, are among the Istanbul districts that attract attention with their luxury offices.

University Locations in Istanbul

Every year, thousands of students prefer Istanbul for university. Students, both from different cities of Turkey and abroad, come to Istanbul to complete their undergraduate and graduate education. Istanbul has many districts and you can find private or public universities in most of its districts. If you want to buy a property in Istanbul, you can make a profitable investment by choosing from the districts where universities are concentrated.

Beşiktas draws attention both for being a central district and hosting 5 universities. Besitkas, a district where university students and the business world intersect, also attracts the attention of investors with the ease of transportation it provides.

Because of the 4 universities within its borders, Sariyer is also known as the university region. Located in a district far from the center of Istanbul, Sariyer draws attention with its coastline to both the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea.

When it comes to universities, it is impossible not to mention Beyoglu. With 11 universities within its borders, Beyoglu is one of the most important locations for property investment in Istanbul. In addition to these, Fatih, Maltepe, Sisli and Uskudar are the districts where universities are concentrated.

Residential Locations in Central Istanbul

Despite being in the city center in Istanbul, there are also districts that promise a quiet life. If you are looking for locations where you can relax away from the noise, but find yourself in the center of the city in a short time whenever you want, Cihangir, Moda, Kuzguncuk and Feneryolu are just for you. These areas are iconic locations in Istanbul with their architecture and lifestyle. They are both in the city center with lots of activities and quiet and peaceful at the same time.

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