Real Estate Agency Services in Istanbul

Real Estate Agency Services in Istanbul

The world of real estate, which is one of the most active sectors in Istanbul and Turkey in general, is witnessing an increasing competition with the increasing supply and demand. The real estate consultancy profession in Istanbul is also becoming a rising business area in connection with this. There are some crucial points that those who want to get professional real estate consultancy service in Istanbul should know. The most important of these is to choose the right real estate agency in Istanbul.

Required Qualifications for a Real Estate Agency/Agent in Istanbul


·       Must know the legal regulations of the real estate processes in Istanbul and Turkey,


·       Must follow the current developments in the real estate market,


·       Must be a consultant specialized in a region or a particular subject,


·       Must be able to manage his communication with people very professionally,


·       Must have a self-developing and entrepreneurial spirit,


·       Must plan time well and spare time for clients,


·       Listen carefully to the needs and wishes of the clients,


·       Must know and apply current new generation marketing strategies,


·       He should have a communication that reassures his clients.




What Should Real Estate Agency / Agent do in Istanbul and Turkey?


Real estate agent; a profession who carries out real estate rental and sales works and applies these transactions on behalf of the persons he is the representative of. They are the people who have the necessary competence to sell or buy real estate at the right time and in a way that does not lose its value.

Real estate consultancy, which is the name of the profession of real estate sector professionals, is to carry out the communication to be established between the seller and the buyer. In addition, this profession has a feature that implements the legal and commercial transactions of the persons they represent. In matters such as the advertising, sale or purchase of real estate; It is also obliged to inform the owner of the immovable property.


This profession, also called real estate consultancy, needs to keep up with the rapid changes of today's trends. It is essential to follow and implement the new generation communication and advertising platforms, and to be open to training in this field. Real estate consultancy profession; It is the professional title of experts who apply the purchase, sale or rental transactions of properties such as land and residences according to the legislation. These consultants are people who have full knowledge of all necessary legislation in the field of real estate and have authority in legal proceedings.


It is possible to say that this new generation consultancy has a meaning far beyond real estate. Social media platforms and e-commerce techniques come to the fore in this consultancy in order to adapt to the digitalizing world. In addition, a more professional and more sincere communication is among the practices observed compared to real estate in the classical sense. Successful real estate agent in Istanbul; He is the person who communicates with the customer in a healthy and constructive manner and takes the right steps to achieve the desired result.




How to Find the Best Real Estate Agency / Agent in Istanbul?


In order to make the right choice for real estate consultancy in Istanbul, as in any other subject, it is necessary to do good research. Since the opportunities for research and competitor companies are quite high compared to the old times, it is necessary to evaluate this chance correctly.


It will be useful to examine the web pages of large companies operating in the field of real estate and investment in detail and compare them with their competitors. Comments on the web pages of real estate companies and feedback on social media platforms can also be very useful.


One of the ways outside of websites and social media is the old but effective method of 'acquaintance' research. This path is a network that can extend from one's family to colleagues and even other social contacts.


How Do You Know You've Found a Good Real Estate Agency / Agent?


Personal development: The counselor is the right person if he/she feels that he/she sees himself/herself in a continuous development and training process. A consultant who does not develop and train himself will fall behind the times and cannot provide adequate service to his customers.


Contact: Consultant; If he is looking for suitable solutions by listening carefully to the customer's problems, needs and wishes, he is the right person. A consultant who cannot solve the problems cannot meet the needs of the clients and cannot achieve the desired result.


Expertise: The consultant uses his expert knowledge and research abilities; if it makes investment transactions in accordance with the customer's budget and legal regulations; is the right person.


Digital platforms: Consultant; If he is active in the digital world, that is, on e-commerce applications, websites and social media platforms, he is the right person. A consultant who uses digital platforms effectively is one of the best service providers.


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