Ready Apartments for Sale in Istanbul – 6 Popular Projects

Ready Apartments for Sale in Istanbul – 6 Popular Projects

Real estate projects in Istanbul, start their sales operation when the construction is still going on. Many investors take this opportunity because the prices are more reasonable when the project is on sale while the construction is going on. On the other hand, some investors are willing to wait until the project is delivered to buy their apartments. Although most of the real estate projects in Istanbul sell undelivered properties, there are lots of ready apartments for sale in Istanbul too. We listed some of the popular real estate projects to buy a ready apartment for sale in Istanbul.

1-) Nurol Life / Seyrantepe

Nurol Life is a luxury residence project in Seyrantepe, Sariyer. It is one of the highest buildings in Istanbul. The project has a very luxurious concept both in internal and outer designs. From the minute you step into the reception of the project, you can feel the exclusive design. Apartments for sale in Nurol Life have 1st class quality as in the material and the kitchen equipment. In addition to that 4-meter ceiling heights is one of the most important features of the project. Nurol Life offers social amenities such as outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, terrace bar/cafe, guest rooms and concierge services. From Nurol Life’s terrace bar/cafe, you can enjoy the breathtaking Istanbul view. Amongst the ready apartments for sale in Istanbul, Nurol Life is the most exclusive one.

The project is located in Seyrantepe right between Vadistanbul Shopping Mall and TEM Highway. It has a very easy to reach to location by car and public transportation. From Nurol Life it takes 5 minutes to drive to Maslak, Levent and Kagithane areas. It is also nearby to the Belgrade Forest where you can enjoy the view from most of the apartments in Nurol Life.

Nurol Life offers different sizes of apartments from studio to 4-bedroom. There is also a penthouse section in the tower which is designed by Versace. It is both suitable for family living and investment purposes. For 1-bedroom apartments in Nurol Life starting price is 407,000 USD. The Company offers a rental guarantee for those whom buy for buy to let purposes.

2-) 5. Levent / Eyup

5.Levent is one of the largest real estate projects in Istanbul. It is built on 473.000 square meters of land with 5,500 residential units. The project has more like a town concept with countless social areas and facilities. It is one of the best options to buy ready apartments for sale in Istanbul for family living purposes. From thousands of square meters of green areas, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, basketball fields, tennis courts, football pitches and café/restaurant it is a place that you can enjoy with your family 7/24. In addition to this, apartments in 5. Levent has high quality interior designs from floors to furniture materials. Apartments in the project have large spaces and useful layouts. When all these features are considered, 5. Levent is great property investment in Istanbul.

The location of the project is a very reachable point. It is right next to the TEM Highway overlooking to forest. From TEM Highway to the areas such as Maslak, Levent, 2nd Bosphorus Bridge, Kagithane and Istinye are only 10 minutes by driving. Moreover, the upcoming metro line has a station right nearby to 5. Levent. Lastly, 5. Levent is one of the closest real estate projects to the new Istanbul Airport.

Although there are small apartments that existed in the project, mostly larger apartments are preferred by the investors such as 3 and 4-bedrooms since the project is more of a family living type. 3-bedrooms apartments for sale in 5. Levent starting from 320,000 USD. It’s a fair price to buy ready apartments for sale in the Istanbul center.

3-) Focus Eyup / Alibeykoy

Focus Eyup is a budget real estate project in central Istanbul, Alibeykoy, Eyup. The project consists of 3 residential blocks overlooking the forest and the city. Focus Eyup mostly consists of smaller apartments such as 1-bedroom and 2-bedrooms since the area is very popular for rental mostly by students and white-collars. The project has a higher than the standard quality with social facilities such as café and the gym. The spacing of the apartments is medium but the designing of units is very useful. Therefore, it’s a very good investment opportunity within ready apartments for sale in Istanbul. It’s an option that you can get your money’s worth.

Focus Eyup is located in Alibeykoy, Eyup which is between Golden Horn (Halic) and TEM Highways. It is 5 minutes to Kagithane and Bomonti areas via the Tunnel. Also, you can reach to Taksim and Besiktas areas from Focus Eyup within 10-15 minutes easily via the Besiktas Tunnel. Most importantly, the new Sisli – Mahmutbey metro line and Alibeykoy – Eminonu Tram Lines have stations nearby to the project. Thus, the location became very advantageous and popular.

1-bedroom apartments in the project are sold out. 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms are available. 2-bedroom ready apartments for sale in the project are between 103m2 to 125m2 and prices start from 128,000 USD without cash discounts. 3-bedrooms in Focus Eyup are between 125m2 – 241m2 and 154,000 USD is the initial price. It is one of the most affordable options among ready apartments for sale in Istanbul.

4-) Batisehir / Bagcilar

Batisehir is a mixed compound in Bagcilar, Istanbul. The project consists of residential units, 5-stars Radisson Blu hotel, hospital and commercial units. It’s a very large real estate project which is built on 818,000 square meters of land. The project has lots of green areas, outdoor activities, social facilities and restaurants and cafes. Also, the landscape of Batisehir is one of the best ones in the entire Istanbul. From walking paths to swimming pools, basketball, football and tennis courts, lots of amenities are available in the project. Project quality is above the standards and prices are reasonable when it is compared with the other ready apartments for sale in Istanbul with this quality.

Batisehir is in the west part of the European side of Istanbul on the TEM Highway. It is nearby to the vibrant parts of western European Istanbul such as Basaksehir, Halkali and Kucukcekmece. It is also 5-7 minutes driving distance to one of the most popular shopping malls in the city, Mall of Istanbul. In addition to that, there is a metro station next to the Batisehir project where you can reach everywhere in Istanbul without driving your car.

The project is both popular for family living and buys to let purposes, that’s why there are different sizes of apartments as in the studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms and 4,5-bedrooms. Although lots of apartments are sold out, it is possible to buy apartments in Batihsehir from the second-hand market. Ready studio apartment prices start from 40,000 USD in the compound.

5-) West Side Istanbul / Beylikduzu

West Side Istanbul is a mixed residential real estate project in Beylikduzu. The project contains apartment blocks and commercial units. It has a beautiful landscape with lots of social offerings, gardens, swimming pools and café restaurants. West Side Istanbul is a high-quality project similar to the other projects in the area. The location of the project is very central in Beylikduzu in comparison with the other projects in the area and the social services are enriched. The quality of the apartments is high and the prices of the apartments for sale are slightly above the average because of the quality.

The project is located on E-5 Highway nearby to the metrobus station. It is the part of Beylikduzu where you can reach the city quicker. In addition to that, West Side Istanbul is close to the attraction points of Beylikduzu such as the West Istanbul Marina and the life of the valley.

Usually, apartments for sale in Beylikduzu are preferred for family living reasons. However, since West Side Istanbul’s location is nearby to the E-5 Highway and metrobus station, there are also small apartments such as a studio and 1-bedroom for investment purposes. The prices of studio apartments in the project start from 60,000 USD.

6 – Skyland Istanbul

Skyland Istanbul is a mixed luxury project in Seyrantepe. There are 3 towers in the project as in residential and offices. Also, there is a shopping mall and café restaurant area between the towers. Skyland A and B Towers are the longest skyscrapers of Istanbul. The project has a very luxurious concept in both internal design and the project design. After it’s neighbor Nurol Life project, Skyland is the second most luxurious one amongst the ready apartments for sale in Istanbul. Apartments for sale in Skyland have forest views, city views and Bosphorus views.

It is located on the old Cendere street new Azerbeycan street right across to the Vadistanbul Shopping Mall. The project is also next to Galatasaray’s Turk Telekom Stadium. There is an entrance to the Skyland both from Azerbeycan Street and Tem Highways. Therefore, from Skyland, it is easy to reach most of the vibrant parts of the city as well as the 2nd Bosphorus Bridge and the new Istanbul Airport.

Skyland has an investor portfolio from all around the world. That’s why for all kinds of purposes and budgets there are available options such as studio, 1-bedroom to 4-bedrooms. Apartments for sale in Skyland Istanbul start from 125,000 USD and go up to 1M USD.

How to Buy Ready Apartments for Sale in Istanbul?

Unlike the ongoing apartments, ready apartments for sale in Istanbul are bought from the tittle deed office directly from the seller. There are important steps to be considered to finalize the sales without trouble. For the foreign investors, these steps are,

1-) Getting the tax number: Foreigners must get a tax number that can be taken easily from the sales office to buy an apartment in Turkey.

2-) Documents: All documents including the passport must be translated and notarized before the sales.

3-) Expertise Report: Especially, for citizenship purposes, the expert report must be submitted to the tittle deed office by a SPK licensed expertise firm.

4-) Clean Tittle Deed: You need to be sure that the tittle deed of the property that you are buying is free of debt. You can ask the legal paper that shows the no debt statement to the seller. This paper can be taken from the tittle deed office from the seller/developer

5-) Translator: A government-approved; the licensed translator must be present in the tittle deed office to sign the sales papers.

6-) Price Declaration: The price of the property must be declared from the exact amount in the tittle deed office.

7-) Citizenship documents: If the purpose of the investment is applying to Turkish Citizenship, there is a list of documents that you need to submit. Some of these documents must be obtained from your own country. Before coming to Turkey, you may want to acquire them.

Fulfilling all these steps take usually 5 working days including the tittle deed delivery. We as Century21 Sinerji Istanbul have legal consultants that can conduct the entire sales and citizenship process on your behalf.

Buy Ready Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Although we have mentioned only 6 popular projects that you can buy ready apartments for sale in Istanbul, we have more than 50 real estate projects in our portfolio. We as Century21 Sinerji Istanbul, present you with the options that fit your criteria. To find out more about buying ready apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can reach us by clicking here.