Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Properties for Sale in Istanbul

In Istanbul, there are lots of different types of properties for sale. To determine which property to buy in Istanbul, it is important to set the priorities and the goals of the investment. Once the priorities are set, several elements must be considered before buying property for sale in Istanbul such as location, type of property and the condition of the property.

Types of Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Property investments in Istanbul are generally divided into residential properties, commercial properties, and lands. All these 3 types of properties can be found in all over Istanbul. However, focusing on certain places for a different type of properties, give you chance to generate more profit from the investment.

Residential Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Residential properties in Istanbul are preferred both for living and investment purposes. Most of the investors prefer to buy an apartment in a new real estate project with social amenities. The reason behind buying property in new real estate project is to lower the risk and maximize the return of investment. Because prices in the branded real estate projects are more stable than the other types of residential properties. In addition to this, the re-sale capability of these properties is higher. To sum up, buying property in a branded real estate project is more predictable and open for  a higher return of investments.

Where to Buy Residential Property for Sale in Istanbul

For buying a residential property for sale in Istanbul, there are popular areas both in the city center and out of the center. Places full of residential real estate projects, nearby to the social services and easily accessible areas are the top areas. In the city center, there are neighborhoods in Besiktas, Sariyer, Sisli and Kagithane which meet the requirements above. And out of the central, Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Kadikoy and Beykoz areas are some of the areas that can be picked for residential property investment.

Commercial Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Commercial properties in Istanbul another type of investment instrument. Lots of investors prefer to buy a commercial property in Istanbul rather than a residential property. Although as in the return of investment in commercial properties are not different than residential property investments, some reasons that differentiate these investment types from each other. Commercial properties can be rented by corporate firms which have a stable income and operation. Therefore, once the property is rented, the risk of the tenant leaves the property is lower. Thus, the owner of the commercial properties has a more predictable rental income.

Secondly, for large budgets, commercial property investment is more advantageous. You can rent out a commercial property such as a store, hotel, or business center for 100.000 TL+ per month if the property is meeting the requirements. However, it is very difficult to find an apartment for buy to let reasons with the same rental amount.

Where to Buy Commercial Property for Sale in Istanbul

For the shops and stores, the most important thing is the density of the street regardless of the area. Most of the companies from the retail sector looking for new shops in vibrant streets to rent out. For office investments, new business centers in central areas are the best choices such as Kagithane, Bomonti, Seyrantepe. Lastly, for the hotel investments the most popular locations are the areas that nearby the tourist places of Istanbul such as Fatih, Beyoglu, Eyup, Sisli.

Buy Property for Sale in Istanbul

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