Istanbul Real Estate – Kagithane Investment Opportunities in 2021

Istanbul Real Estate – Kagithane Investment Opportunities in 2021

Kagithane is one of the most popular places to buy real estate in Istanbul. Since it is very central and recently developing, Kagithane offers a high investment value. Therefore, lots of new real estate projects have been developing in Kagithane.

Apartments for Sale in Kagithane

Amongst many apartments for sale in Kagithane, some real estate projects that come forward as a good investment opportunity.

1-) Kordon Istanbul

Kordon Istanbul is a 3 stages real estate project in Kagithane which is built by Ege Yapi. It consists of 2 residential stages and 1 hotel concept stage where people can make an investment as in buying a hotel room for buy to let reasons. 1st stage was delivered in 2020, 2nd stage is delivered in 2021 and the 3rd stage will be delivered by 2023.

1st and 2nd stages of Kordon Istanbul have great quality apartments and other amenities such as security, indoor parking, garden and gym. There are apartments in Kordon Istanbul from 1-bedroom to 4-bedrooms. It’s a popular place both for living and investment.

The location of the project is very central, very close by vibrant parts of the city such as Maslak, Levent, Seyrantepe, Sisli, etc. When all these reasons are considered, Kordon Istanbul stands out as an investment opportunity in Kagithane.

2-) Mevsim Istanbul

Mevsim Istanbul is a family concept housing project in Hamidiye/Kagithane. The project consists of 3 blocks with residential units and social amenities. Mevsim Istanbul can be considered as the family living project in Kagithane with the highest production quality. In Mevsim Istanbul there are no small apartments such as a studio or 1-bedroom. All the apartments for sale in Mevsim Istanbul are 2 bedrooms and 3-bedrooms.  The sizes of the apartments are very large and the interior quality is 1st class. Also, the kitchen is fully equipped with A+ class materials.

Mevsim Istanbul is in the Hamidiye part of Kagithane which is close to the TEM Highway and Vadistanbul area. It has an easy to access location. In addition to that, since Mevsim Istanbul is located in a hilly area, there are a beautiful city and forest views from the apartments in the project.

3-) Tempo City

Tempo City is a 2 blocks real estate project in the center of Kagithane which is built by Suryapi. It is more of an investment project with smaller apartments. Since there are lots of students and business professionals who demand a small apartment to rent such as 1+1 and 2+1, the project is planned as a buy to let real estate project. Tempo City will be delivered at the end of 2021.

Tempo city is in Cendere Street which is the busiest street of Kagithane. There are lots of business centers, universities, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls around the area. Therefore, investors pay close attention to the area and the project. Moreover, from Tempo City, it is only 5 minutes to reach the Buyukdere Street and Levent areas

Real Estate in Kagithane

Our apartments for sale in the Kagithane Istanbul portfolio are not limited to the real estate projects above. To learn more about the real estate opportunities in Kagithane, you can reach us by clicking here