Istanbul Real Estate – Bahcesehir Investment Opportunities in 2021

Istanbul Real Estate – Bahcesehir Investment Opportunities in 2021

Bahcesehir is one of the newest residential areas of Istanbul. It is located in the Western part of European Istanbul next to the TEM Highway within the Basaksehir district. It is a very organized area with lots of green areas, lakes and other social services such as restaurants, cafes and playgrounds. Since the area is new, almost all the buildings and real estate projects in Bahcesehir are newly developed ones. Also, for this reason, the streets and roads in Bahcesehir are wide and organized. In Istanbul real estate market, Bahcesehir has an important place. Therefore, we have listed investment opportunities in Bahcesehir, Istanbul.

Investment Opportunities in Bahcesehir – Istanbul

Since Istanbul Bahcesehir real estate market is very attractive, there are lots of new and ongoing projects in the area. In general, properties in Istanbul Bahcesehir are more affordable compared to the central areas, and the qualities are high. Although there are many nice projects in the area, we have listed 3 real estate projects in Istanbul Bahcesehir as an investment opportunity.

1 – Strada Bahcesehir

Strada Bahcesehir is a residential real estate project in central Bahcesehir that consists of 2 stages. 1st stage has delivered in 2019 and the 2nd stage will be delivered in September 2021. Between 2 stages, there is Strada Cadde where you can enjoy lots of restaurants, cafes and shops. The project has lots of social facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, gardens and playgrounds. It is also one of the largest real estate projects in Bahcesehir. Apartments for sale in Strada Bahcesehir are in different sizes 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms and 5-bedrooms. Starting price of the project is 96,000 USD.

2- Avrupark Hayat

Avrupark Hayat is a housing project in Bahcekent part of Bahcesehir. Bahcekent is couple of kilometers away from Bahcesehir center. However, since the project is very closeby to the TEM Hİghway, it is easier to reach to Bahcesehir center and other places within minutes. Avrupark Hayat is a government-guaranteed project (Emlak Konut) with a reasonable price, flexible payment plan and good quality. Lots of the apartments for sale in Avrupark Hayat have a park view. The project has all the social facilities and green open areas. There are apartments from 1-bedroom to 3-bedrooms in the project starting from 57,000 USD. Avrupark Hayat is a good real estate opportunity in Istanbul Bahcesehir.

3- Makyol Santral

Makyol Santral is a real estate project in central Bahcesehir right in front of Akbati shopping mall. The project consists of apartment blocks and villas. There are rich social amenities in the project such as a basketball field, park, swimming pool, gym, etc. In addition to that, interior quality is much above the standard. As in the location and quality, Makyol Santral comes forward as a great real estate investment opportunity in Bahcesehir Istanbul. There are different types of apartments in the project from 1-bedroom to 3-bedrooms. 1-bedroom apartments in Makyol Santral start from 110,000 USD without a cash discount.

Istanbul Bahcesehir Investments

We have many more real estate opportunities in Istanbul Bahcesehir. To learn more about investment opportunities in Istanbul Bahcesehir, you can kindly reach us.