Istanbul Homes for Sale – Bosphorus Sea View Apartments

Istanbul Homes for Sale – Bosphorus Sea View Apartments

Between thousands of Istanbul homes for sale, Bosphorus Sea view homes are the most popular ones. From all around the world, people are looking to buy a Bosphorus view apartment for sale in Istanbul. Therefore, prices of the apartments with Bosphorus sea view are the most expensive ones. However, there are still places that you can buy cheap Bosphorus view apartments in Istanbul.

Bopshorus Sea View Homes in Istanbul are in central Istanbul both in Asian Side and European Side. Besiktas, Sisli, Beyoglu and Sariyer are the areas that you can find Bosphorus Sea view homes for sale in Istanbul.

Bosphorus View Istanbul Homes for Sale


Bosphorus Line

Besiktas, Istanbul homes for sale have the best Bosphorus view because of the location. Besiktas has lots of neighborhoods that has a shore to the Bosphorus directly such as Ortakoy, Kurucesme, Arnavutkoy and Bebek. These locations are also the most popular locations in entire Istanbul for socializing. Lots of seaside parks, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars are in these locations.

Apartments for sale in Bosphorus Line are old apartments because there is a construction ban in the front line of Bosphorus. However, since the apartments with direct view are in these locations, prices are expensive compared to the other old apartments in Istanbul. Usually, investors buy old apartments with direct view and make renovations.

In the hills of Ortakoy, Kurucesme, Arnavutkoy and Bebek, there can be find new homes for sale with Bopshorus view. These are usually new real estate projects with family concept rather than a single building. Since the apartments in these new real estate projects are large and have direct views, prices start from approximately 1 million USD. When the view gets better, the price goes higher

Etiler – Ulus

Etiler and Ulus neighborhoods right next to each other on the above of Bopshorus Line. They are among Istanbul’s most luxury and expensive areas. It is the best place to buy Istanbul homes for sale for many people since the area is very nice and homes have very nice views. There are both new and old apartments existed in Etiler and Ulus areas. Moreover, Etiler and Ulus has the most expensive Villas in Istanbul after Yali kind of Villas.

Apartments in Etiler and Ulus are usually old real estate projects or single buildings. Since both places are luxury places for years, even the old homes are in very good conditions in Etiler and Ulus. On the other hand, new single buildings, and real estate projects in these two locations have 1st class quality and great Bopshorus views. Just like in Bopshorus Line, new apartments with view in Etiler and Ulus start from 1 million USD.

There are many luxury villas for sale in Etiler and Ulus areas. Some of them are commercial kind of villas with no Bosphorus views and some of them are residential villas with great Bosphorus views. Villa prices are in Etiler and Ulus with Bosphorus Sea view start from 4 million USD and goes up to 25 million USD.

Gayrettepe – Dikilitas – Fulya

Gayrettepe, Dikitas and Fulya are 3 neighborhoods in Besiktas near to the central Besiktas. Gayrettepe and Dikitas are located at the hilly areas when the Fulya is near to the sea level. These neighborhoods have the most affordable Istanbul homes for sale with Bosphorus Sea view in Besiktas. Unlike Etiler and Ulus areas, in these 3 neighborhoods, there are lots of tower kind of residence projects. Most of the Bosphorus Sea view homes for sale are in these towers. Selenium, Buyukhanli, Fulya Terrace and Polat Tower are some of the residence projects that you can find an apartment for sale with a direct view. Prices for apartments with view start from 300.000 USD in these locations.

Besiktas Center – Yildiz

Besiktas Center and Yildiz areas are unique places in Besiktas. They are the oldest neighborhoods of the area and very touristic places. Besides to that, they both are very lively places with, universities, social areas, theaters, concert halls, cafes etc. There aren’t any new real estate projects in the area. On the higher parts of Besiktas Center and Yildiz areas there are very nice single buildings with perfect Bosphorus views. Homes for sale with Bosphorus Sea view in these areas start around 350.000 USD.



Mecidiyekoy is one of the most central neighborhoods in Sisli as well as in entire Istanbul. It’s place with lots of business centers, shopping malls, transportation centers etc. That’s why it’s a very busy place in Istanbul. It’s located in Sisli’s Besiktas border right next to the Gayrettepe neighborhood of Besiktas. There are both new and old homes for sale in Sisli, Istanbul. Usually, Bosphorus view apartments for sale in Sisli are in high end real estate projects such as Torun Center and Quasar. To buy a Bosphorus Sea view apartment for sale in Sisli, minimum price is around 450.000 USD.


Bomonti is one of the fastest developing areas of Istanbul. It’s an urban regeneration area with lots of new real estate projects. Since the location is very strategic it became very popular. There are Besiktas and Kagithane tunnels in Bomonti that gives an ability of accessing the most vibrant part of Istanbul within 10 minutes driving. For this reason, it’s a convenient location for people who works or studies in the central Istanbul. Bosphorus view apartments in Bomonti are usually in new skyscraper residence projects such as Anthill, Bomonti Residence by Rotana, and Queen Bomonti. Apartments with view in Bomonti start from 250.000 USD.


Nisantasi neighborhood is located next to Mecidiyekoy and upper side of Fulya, Besiktas close to the Taksim Square. It is the most fashionable part of Istanbul. There are numerous globally famous brands, stores, restaurants and cafes in the area. It is also one of the most expensive parts for Istanbul homes for sale. There are both new and old Bosphorus Sea view homes for sale in Nisantasi, Istanbul. Most luxury real estate projects such as Armani Residence, Macka Residence, Ritz Carlton Nisantasi and upcoming Nisantasi Koru projects are in Nisantasi. To own a Bosphorus view home in Nisantasi, minimum price that must be paid is around 800,000 USD.


Cihangir – Gumussuyu

Cihangir and Gumussuyu neighborhoods are located around Taksim Square and Istiklal Street. They both are lively and artistic places with lots of artist residents such as actors, actresses, poets, and painters.  There are famous and touristic cafes, bars, and restaurants in the area. Both places have unique characteristics. That’s why people with certain lifestyle prefer these 2 locations amongst Istanbul homes for sale. Almost all the apartments in the area are historical ones. For a Bosphorus view homes for sale in Istanbul Cihangir and Gumussuyu, average price is around 400,000 USD.

Galata – Asmalimescit

Galata and Asmalimescit areas are located at the end of the Istiklal Street. Galata is the area where famous Galata Tower is, and its neighbor Asmalimescit area is the other side of Istiklal Street. Both areas are very touristic areas with lots of hotels social facilities. As well as in Cihangir and Gumussuyu areas, apartments with Bosphorus Sea view are usually historical ones. There are beautiful old buildings in the area with certain architectural styles. You can even find a building with over 100 years old in perfect condition. To buy Bosphorus view apartment in Istanbul Galata and Asmalimescit, the budget must be minimum 400,000 USD again.

Kabatas – Karakoy

Kabatas and Karakoy areas are the down part of Istiklal Street, on the Bosphorus shore. Karakoy area is famous with social life and upcoming Galata Port project which will be hosting millions of tourists every year. Kabatas neighborhood is just next to the Karakoy area on the same street. In both areas there are limitless Bosphorus view apartments. That’s why prices for Bosphorus Sea view apartments in Karakoy and Kabatas areas are very expensive. For buying a new home in both 2 areas average amount that you need to pay is over 1 million USD.


Tarabya – Yenikoy

Tarabya and Yenikoy are in the Bosphorus Line near to the Besiktas’ Bosphorus line. Both locations are very popular for social life and with high quality restaurants and cafes. Also, between Tarabya and Yenikoy there is a beautiful walking path nearby to the Bosphorus. Most of the apartments for sale with Bosphorus view are old buildings in the area. Since Tarabya and Yenikoy are in the front line of Bosphorus, the Bosphorus view of the homes are limitless. It is one of the most expensive areas to buy apartment with Bosphorus view in Istanbul, Sariyer. For a 3-bedroom apartment with direct view, average price is around 900,000 USD.

Emirgan – Istinye

Emirgan and Istinye are also neighborhoods that start from Bosphorus Line and go towards to the hills of Sariyer. Emirgan Park and Istinye Park shopping mall are the most famous places of Emirgan and Istinye areas. There are both apartments and villas with Bopshorus view in the area. Just Like Tarabya and Yenikoy areas, Bosphorus view apartments in Emirgan and Istinye areas are usually old ones in a good condition. Villas in Emirgan and Istinye both new and old ones with larger gardens and direct Bosphorus view. Therefore, prices are expensive for Bosphorus view villas. 3 million USD is the price for a cheapest Bopshorus view villa in the area.


Maslak is a famous business center in European Istanbul. There are many business towers and bank headquarters in the area. However, within last decade it also became a residential area after new real estate projects are built. Since Maslak area is a very busy area it is impossible to find a real estate project with green areas. Homes for sale in Maslak Istanbul are usually tower concept new residence projects such as Maslak 42 and Spine Tower. Only Maslak 1453 is has more family living concept but it is slightly out of central Maslak. For Bosphorus view apartment for sale in Maslak area minimum asking price is around 400.000 USD.


Seyrantepe is in Kagithane border. It is where Galatasaray Stadium and Vadistanbul Shopping Mall is.  Seyrantepe is an area with only new real estate projects since the construction planning just approved in the early 2010s. Although there are more than 10 new real estate projects, most of them have forest view instead of Bosphorus view. Only the real estate projects with tower concepts such as Nurol Life and Skyland offers Bosphorus Sea view homes from the upper floors. To buy a Bosphorus view apartment from these projects, minimum price that you need to pay is around 600.000 USD. There are cheaper apartments in the same real estate projects but since the Bopshorus view ones are in the upper floors and have larger spaces, they are more expensive than the other units in the same projects.

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Amongst the Istanbul homes for sale, Bopshorus view ones are the most important ones. Therefore, it requires more proficiency to find the right Bosphorus view home for sale in Istanbul. We as Century21 Sinerji, serve our customers to find their dream home with Bosphorus view for more than 11 years. Our Bosphorus Sea view homes for sale portfolio is not limited with the locations above. To find out and learn more about Istanbul homes for sale with Bosphorus view, you can reach us by filling a contact form or via Whatsapp from our direct line.