Is Real Estate Investment in Istanbul Profitable?

Is Real Estate Investment in Istanbul Profitable?

Since the coronavirus epidemic broke out, many people want to buy real estate in Istanbul and make a good investment. The real estate market in Istanbul, which is generally active due to the epidemic, is also updated instantly for these reasons. Especially in districts that are preferred for investment purposes, houses are running out fast. People who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul have in mind whether this investment will be profitable.

Which Regions are Profitable for Investment in Istanbul?

People who want to buy real estate in Istanbul for investment purposes should first choose the region where they will buy a house. Regions selected for investment are usually close to mega projects. Properties should be preferred near places such as Kanal Istanbul and the new Istanbul Airport. People who want to buy apartments in Istanbul should consider these regions. Especially in a subject like investment, these regions provide a serious return of investments. For example, places such as Kucukcekmece, Arnavutkoy and Basaksehir, which are on the route of the Kanal Istanbul project, are ideal for investment. These places, which are preferred for real estate investment in Istanbul, provide much higher profits in the future. If we consider increasing house prices every year, buying an apartment in Istanbul already gives almost twice the profit rate in mid-term such as 4-6 years.

What Should Be Considered When Buying an Apartment in Istanbul?

There are some issues that people who want to buy a house in Istanbul should pay attention to. Especially when it comes to investment, the importance of these issues increases even more. First of all, the apartments to be selected for investment should be close to the transportation networks. For example, features such as closer locations to the metro stations provided increased neighborhood value. In addition to that, being closer to universities also puts a serious price difference. In order to invest in real estate in Istanbul, it must be close to the university and close to the transportation networks. Finally, new housing projects are very effective. New housing projects in these regions, which are preferred for investment purposes, can be bought at affordable prices and sold at high prices. If desired, it can generate a good rental income.

Return of Investment in Real Estate in Istanbul

Many of those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul have a payback period for the investments. The amortization period, which means that the house compensates for its own value after a certain period of time, is valid for buy to let apartments in Istanbul. According to the statements made by the experts, the amortization period of the house varies from apartment to apartment and region to region. For example, in a highly preferred neighborhood, houses can pay for themselves in a much shorter time than in 10 years. However, the amortization period is even longer in regions with a much lower rent increase. To buy an apartment in Istanbul, it is necessary to research such situations thoroughly. There is no clear explanation for this issue.

When is the Best Time to Buy apartment in Istanbul?

It is also a very important question that when is the right time to buy an apartment in Istanbul. This question becomes much more important, especially with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, which is effective all over the world. In general, if an answer is given to the question, it can be said that the desired house should be bought without wasting much time. Since the real estate market in Istanbul is increasing in price every day, it is better to not to waste time. The apartments, which increase in certain periods during the year, do not decrease afterward. Therefore, those who have the idea of making a real estate investment in Istanbul should buy the house they want as soon as possible. These price increases in both the European and Anatolian Sides also affect the sales of the houses. Those who want to own a house in Istanbul make the purchase before the new housing stocks run out.