Is it a Good Idea to Buy Apartment in Istanbul?

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Apartment in Istanbul?

The first question that arises in the minds of people who want to invest is whether it is a good idea to buy apartment in Istanbul. The reason for this question is that the prices have increased considerably. The prices, which have increased with the new projects in Istanbul, make people hesitate to buy apartment in Istanbul.

For people who have questions such as whether it is a good idea to buy apartment in Istanbul, we can suggest that they act immediately. Despite the increase in prices in general, the fact that new projects are on the agenda also creates investment opportunities. Those who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul can provide serious profits, if they can invest wisely.

The Impact of Kanal Istanbul on the Housing Market

Buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a very logical move these days since the Kanal Istanbul project is on the agenda. The fact that the project, which has been talked about for years but whose foundation has not been laid, is now being started, increases the values of the properties in many districts in Istanbul. Especially, in the districts located on the Kanal Istanbul route, these price increases can be seen more significant. It can be a profitable investment for the future for those who are thinking of buying a property in Istanbul to prefer housing projects in these districts.

On the route of the Kanal Istanbul project, there are Arnavutkoy, Esenyurt, Avcilar, Basaksehir, and Kucukcekmece districts. It is recommended that those who want to buy apartment at low prices and make a profit in the future should take these districts under consideration. It is expected that the properties in these areas will gain value with the new highway bridge, underground passage, railway, and metro crossing. It is observed that people who want to buy apartment in Istanbul make Kanal Istanbul route districts their main focuses.

Housing Prices Around the New Istanbul Airport

Another alternative for buying an apartment in Istanbul is the neighborhoods around the 3rd Airport. The 3rd Airport, which was start developing in 2013 and located on the European side, affects the housing prices considerably. Especially in the locations nearby Catalca, Göktürk and Arnavutkoy, this new airport offers an opportunity to invest. By the new Istanbul Airport, which is the biggest project of the Republic of Turkey, new housing projects are also being made. With the housing projects built around the airport, it is possible to own a property in Istanbul at affordable prices. Those who want to buy apartment in Istanbul should follow these housing projects closely. In this way, you can buy a cheap property in Istanbul.

In addition to that, because of the New Istanbul Airport, new transportation services will start from the surrounding districts. It is estimated that the house prices in the surrounding districts will increase with the airport, which helps the development of the transportation network. Therefore, those who want to own a home should act without wasting much time.

New Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

Istanbul has an active real estate market with new housing projects. The quality and location of these housing projects, which started in various districts, seriously affect house prices positively. For example, many housing projects are started to be built in regions such as Arnavutkoy, Kucukcekmece, Umraniye, Beylikduzu and Maltepe. With these new housing projects, it is thought that the prices will increase in a short time.

In addition, the Great Istanbul Tunnel and metro projects lead to new housing projects in many districts. These big projects which take place in Istanbul allow the development of the surrounding regions. Thus, new housing projects are started in the surrounding districts, and prices in the market are updated in a short time. The location of the houses to the project area causes the prices to increase gradually. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about buying apartment in Istanbul from the regions where these mega projects are located. It is expected that those who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul will make great profits thanks to such regions.