How to Invest in Istanbul?

How to Invest in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the financial capital of Turkey. Every year, millions of properties are being sold and new investments are being made in Istanbul. Therefore, Istanbul is the most profitable and safest place to invest in Turkey. To invest in Istanbul with the highest return of investment, there are crucial points to be followed such as selecting a property and finalizing the sales process with no mistake.

How to Make the Best Property Investment in Istanbul?

As it is mentioned above, there are lots of properties for sale in Istanbul. To have the best Istanbul investments, it is important to pay attention to the trends in the market for both apartment investments and commercial investments.

How to Choose the Best Apartment Investment in Istanbul?

For the apartment investment in Istanbul, it is better to choose a property from a branded developer. Since the branded developers have a certain style and quality standards, the investment you make will be ahead of the other properties in terms of rental capability, re-sale capability and price appreciation.

Secondly, once the real estate project is selected, it is also crucial to choose the right unit in the project. In a project with more than 200 units, the apartment that you want to buy must have a specialty that differentiates your unit than the others. For instance, if a project is nearby a forest of a sea, it is better to choose an apartment with a direct sea/forest view. Or if a project has large green areas, it is better to choose a garden floor apartment with garden use. These features will make your investment stand out in the same real estate project.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Investment in Istanbul?

Choosing a commercial investment in Istanbul is different than apartment investments. If the selected investment is a shop investment it does not necessarily need to be from a branded developer. What important for the shop is the density of people around. Thus, the chance of having a higher rental or finding a corporate tenant will increase.

For the office investments, important things that need to be considered are, location, service and the monthly management fee. The location must be nearby the public transportation stops, especially to a metro station. It must be within a business complex with good services such as reception service, guest parking area, cleaning and common areas. Lastly, the monthly management fee should be reasonable, since the tenants are considering the total amount that they will pay as in rental plus management fee.

How to invest in Istanbul safely?

The most important step is securing the sales safely, once the best option is selected in Istanbul investments. First of all, extra costs such as VAT and title deed registry costs must be negotiated and agreed on. Especially the VAT must be considered since the foreign investors can benefit from the VAT exemption. Secondly, the price of the property must be declared exactly to the title deed registry office. Sellers might be willing to declare the price lower because of the tax purposes. This will harmful the buyer. And finally, the buyer must be sure that the property has no debt on it. Otherwise, once the property is purchased, the debt will be transferred to the buyer directly.

Professional Investment Partner in Istanbul

Century21 Sinerji Istanbul is ready to help the investors with every step of investing in Istanbul. From selecting the right property to finalize the sales process safely with our legal team we have a wide service portfolio. To have further information you can reach us.