How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021?

Today, many people try various methods to obtain Turkish citizenship. Methods such as citizenship by adoption, citizenship by marriage, and exceptional citizenship can be chosen. However, in recent years, Turkish citizenship by investment has been preferred by foreign nationals. Turkish citizenship can be obtained in a short time through investment, which has very easy steps and application conditions.

3 Ways of Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment

First option for people who want to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment is investing at least 500.000 USD Dollars to one of the Turkish Banks for 3 years. This investment should be determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Second and most common option for Turkish Citizenship by investment is to purchase real estate worth at least 250.000 USD and holding it for 3 years.  Another method of Turkish citizenship through investment is to create employment for at least 50 people. The employment rate should be determined by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

People who want to get Turkish citizenship by investment can also get citizenship by keeping a certain amount of money in their bank accounts. In this method, at least 500.000 USD must be kept in a bank operating in Turkey for 3 years. In general, those who want to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment must have a capital of at least 500 thousand dollars if they do not prefer buying a property in Turkey. Thus, citizenship can be obtained regardless of the method. In real estate investment for Turkish Citizenship method, 250.000 USD capital will be enough.

Should Investments for Turkish Citizenship Be Made in TL?

People who want to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment do not need to make this investment only in US Dollars. The amount corresponding to the amount to be invested in TL can also be accepted for investment. However, if an investment will be made in TL, the determination of monetary values should be made through the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. It should be calculated over the selling rate and exchange rate given by the Central Bank. TL investments made in this way can also be used to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Where to Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

In order to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment, the relevant applications must be made after the investment is made. Foreign investors who apply for a short-term residence permit with the Law No. 6458 should prepare the documents required for Turkish citizenship. If these documents are ready, an application for Turkish citizenship should be made from the Immigration Administration special offices in Istanbul or Ankara. The documents required for Turkish citizenship are announced on the official website of the relevant institutions. Applications should be made after complete and complete documentation has been prepared.

How Long Does It Take to Get Turkish Citizenship?

The application procedures of people who apply for Turkish citizenship by investment are subject to the necessary examinations. Applications for Turkish citizenship that reach the relevant ministries are evaluated by the commission. Evaluated applications are concluded within a period of 3 to 6 months. However, a clear date cannot be given for these Turkish citizenship applications. Depending on the density and the type of application made, the applications are finalized and information is given at different times.

Residence permit applications made before the citizenship application are concluded in a shorter time. Foreign investors who apply for a residence permit can learn the results of their applications within 1 to 2 weeks. Foreign investors who want to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment can stay in the country without obtaining citizenship with this residence permit. They have an indefinite residence permit with the citizenship applications announced later. People who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment can bring their families to Turkey with this method.

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