How to choose the right agency?

How to choose the right agency?


A city with a 16 million residents from exactly every country in the world, Istanbul… A city with 125 shopping malls, nearly 100 skyscrapers and 20.190.000 independent units (apartments,

shops, etc.), Istanbul…

Clearly, Istanbul is the financial capital of Turkey, East Europe and Middle East which millions of properties change hands every single year. Millions of dollars profits are made out of these properties every year. If you want to invest in Istanbul correctly, if you want to choose the one right property for yourself out of 20.190.000 properties, you need to work with the right reale state agency. But how will you choose the right agency for you ?

Which Agency Should I Choose ?

Market Experience

Firstly, market experience is very important. The agency that you will choose must be experienced in local market in every aspect. In order to evaluate the agency/agent’s expertise you can ask questions.

What is the most convenient location to invest now and why?
What is the m2 prices in Central Istanbul currently by specific locations?
In which projects you made a sales recently?

If it’s an experienced agent/agency, they should be able to present you the location analysis and pricing reports. It’s the most crucial thing to decide to where to buy and what is the correct

In addition to this, by asking which projects that they made sales before you will be able to have an understanding if the clients who made these purchases are happy with their investments and if the price changed by time.


Second thing that you need to consider must be brand awareness. Real estate agents in Istanbul can work freelance or under no name companies by proving any proficiency. A business card with an Istanbul real estate agent title is not enough for you to trust them with your investment. That’s why we recommend you to work with a real estate agencies/agent with well-known brands in the market that you can be sure with their experience and success rates. Remember, maybe you buy apartment in Istanbul once. You must determine the real estate agency that you work with carefully in order to get your investment’s worth.

10 years of Experience

We as Century21 Sinerji are pleased to serve our customers for over 10 years in Istanbul Real Estate Market with the perspective of our brand’s global power. We have blended our local market experience with Century21’s globally known success. This is the main reason that we have 1000+ happy customers(friends) all over the world.