Housing Projects in Turkey - Best Roi Locations

Housing Projects in Turkey - Best Roi Locations

Real Estate Investment is one of the most popular investment instruments in Turkey as well as in rest of the world. Over the years, different trends have been arisen in the Turkish real estate market such as land investment and commercial unit investment. However, investing into housing projects in Turkey is the most popular and profitable way of real estate investment currently.  Housing projects in Turkey are spread to different cities and locations. Several locations can be pointed out as the best ROI (Return of investment) locations.


As in the biggest city of Turkey, Istanbul is one of the best Roi locations in terms of housing projects in Turkey. Real estate investment in Istanbul made investors earn more than 173% in some locations in the  last 5 years. In addition to central locations such as Sisli, Sariyer, Besiktas, new developing areas also became profitable. For instance, Kagithane is a new developing central area next to Sisli and Sarıyer. Prices of housing projects in Kagithane have increased 76% in last 5 years. As a summary, housing projects in the new developing central locations in Istanbul are the most profitable ones currently.

Izmir, Bursa and Antalya

Izmir Bursa and Antalya have been very popular over the last years. Because increasing population of Istanbul, many people have moved into these cities. Due to new incoming population into these 3 cities, demand to the new housing projects also increased. In 2018, as in housing projects in Turkey, 5 locations from Antalya and 2 locations from Izmir have been in the top 10 best roi locations list.


Aegean Cost

Housing projects in Aegean Cost cities are also the rising stars of the last decade in terms of price appreciation. Seaside regions in Aegean cities such as, Balikesir, Mugla, Aydin have doubled their value within last 5 years. By the impact of new Istanbul – Izmir highway, Osmangazi Bridge and transportation facilities, Aegean Cost became easy to reach for people who live in Istanbul. That’s why summer housing projects become very popular in this region to invest or to use.


Which one is the right housing project in Turkey

Even though you are sure about the area that you want to invest, you may ask yourself that which housing project you should prefer? You may need to evaluate several factors in order to choose the right housing project at the are that you determined.

1-) Prices of similar real estate projects in the area

If there are any other real estate projects in the area, you should compare the price with the projects that has similar concepts.

2-) Average rental capability of the property

Even though the area has a high rental capability; you need to sure that the property type you buy is fulfill the requirements of the area. For example, if the area is mostly held by students or business professionals, you may avoid buying large homes such as 4 bedrooms.

3-) Other projects of the developer

Previous projects of the developer mostly demonstrate the understanding of the firm. If the previous real estate projects made investors earned and the residents are satisfied about the quality and social facilities, you can take a step more confident