Garden Floor Apartment or Villa in Istanbul

Garden Floor Apartment or Villa in Istanbul

If you want your property to have a garden, you might be asking yourself; Is it better to buy a garden floor apartment or villa in Istanbul? Before making a choice between these two options, it is useful to consider your own habits and style. The advantages and disadvantages of a garden-floor apartment located in a real estate project and a detached villa with a garden set up in an area independent from other buildings are different from each other.

What to Consider when Buying Garden Floor Apartment or Villa in Istanbul


·       The common feature of garden floor apartments and detached villas with gardens is that they bring the people living in the nature. People who love nature, do not prefer to stay indoors for a long time, have pets or are raising children; They will feel comfortable in these houses located on the ground floors, at level 1 or level 2. If you enjoy eating your meals outdoors, if you want to raise your child in a house with a playground, and if you want to release your pet comfortably, you can choose a garden flat or a detached villa with a garden in Istanbul.


·       One of the main problems you will encounter in garden flats and villas is security. You will need security locks, railings and an alarm system as the windows of your home are easily accessible. Before moving to the garden floor apartment, you should make sure that the security system is sufficient and that the site security is professionally done. Since these expenses will be covered by the common budget of the site, your upstairs neighbors may not want to show the same sensitivity as you. On the other hand, if you live in a villa, you have to set up the entire system for security measures and cover the expenses yourself.


·       Since villas with gardens and apartments on the garden floor are located on the ground floors or at elevations, they carry a great risk against flooding. If drainage, insulation and ground leveling are not done well in the garden, it can cause humidity, dampness and worse, flooding. These issues should be considered first when buying a garden flat or a villa in Istanbul. Underfloor heating systems will be ideal for both types of houses.


·       Garden floor apartments are smaller compared to villas. You may not find the comfort of a detached villa in the garden floor apartments. If you do not have a large family or if you are considering buying a garden flat in Istanbul from a quality residence project, these disadvantages can be eliminated.


·       You will not have to deal with the noise problems of your neighbors in a villa. When you want to host a big party in your house, you can use your garden. You will not encounter with a problem when you want to have a pool in your garden. In garden floor apartments, you have to make decisions jointly and you may have problems with your neighbors from time to time. Especially in real estate projects where the garden is open to common use, you may not be able to spend time in the garden as you wish. Therefore, when buying a garden flat, you should find out if the garden is included in the common use.


·       The maintenance of villa is your responsibility. You need to allocate time and budget for landscape maintenance, insect and pest control, garbage collection, cleaning, and professional support. In the garden floor apartments, the site management takes care of all maintenance works. Necessary maintenance and cleaning operations are carried out with the maintenance fee you pay.


·       Villas usually have two floors and climbing the stairs can cause problems in old age. In addition, living expenses in detached houses with a garden are higher garden floor apartments.


·       Generally, the prices of villas are much higher than apartments with garden floors. A garden floor flat to be purchased from a quality residence project can be as costly as a villa