Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul

For last 10 years, forest view projects in Istanbul became as popular as sea view projects. Many new real estate projects have been built nearby forest with direct forest views. In most of the projects, forest view units are %15-20 more expensive than normal units even though the type of apartment is same. In addition to this, investors also prefer to buy forest view units since it is easier to rent out from higher prices. Forest view projects for sale in Istanbul can be found in several locations.

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul Asia   

The most popular location for forest view properties for sale is Beykoz. Beykoz is located right near to the 2nd Bosphorus bridge. The reason why Beykoz is very popular is because it offers both nice forest view and easy accessible location at the same time. In Beykoz, forest view projects for sale can be listed as villas, new projects and old projects. Villa prices start from 1,000,000 USD and goes upto 6,000,000 USD in this area. 1-bedroom apartments in new projects with forest view start from 150.000 USD and goes to 550,000 USD depending on the size and number of bedrooms. Besides to this, some projects in Beykoz area offer both Bosphorus (sea) view and forest view at the same time. In this kind of projects, prices change between 250,000 USD to 1,000,000 USD. In old projects in Beykoz area, forest view units can be found from 70,000 USD.

Cekmekoy and Sancaktepe are the other locations that you can find forest view projects for sale in Istanbul Asian side. In these areas, property prices are more reasonable than Beykoz since these locations are not central as Beykoz is. Proper 3-bedroom apartment in new project can be found from 200.000 USD in Cekmekoy and Sancaktepe areas.

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul European Side

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul European Side located over many different locations. The most popular location for forest view projects is Seyrantepe-Maslak area. This area includes projects such as Vadistanbul, Avangart, Maslak 1453, Skyland and Nurol Life. The popularity of this area comes from its central location, quality of projects and beautiful forest view. In Seyrantepe – Maslak area there are only new projects available with forest views. In this area 1-bedroom apartments with forest view start from 200.000 USD and goes upto 850,000 USD depending on the number of bedrooms. There are available options from studio to 5-bedroom in different projects.

After Seyrantepe – Maslak area, another popular location for forest view apartments is Kagithane. This area is right near to Seyrantepe area. In Kagithane area prices of forest view apartments are more reasonable than Seyrantepe – Maslak area because the projects are more boutique in here. In Kagithane, prices for forest view projects are between 150,000 USD – 400,000 USD. Although there are old projects in Kagithane, most of the projects with forest views are new ones.

Lastly, Eyup – Gaziosmanpasa area is another part of Central European Istanbul that has forest view projects. However, only TEM (highway) side of these areas have forest view real estate projects. Eyup and Gaziosmanpasa locations are next to each other and facing to the forest from the cross side of TEM Highway. There are large housing projects in these areas such as 5.Levent, Tem Avrasya and Avrupa Konutları. Prices in these projects starts from 120.000 USD for 1-bedroom apartments. 3 bedroom apartments with forest view are around 200.000-250.000 USD in these projects.

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul Near Airport

There are also forest view projects in European side of Istanbul nearby to new airport. These are the areas that built within last 15 years. Gokturk and Zekeriyakoy areas can be shown among these areas. Both Gokturk and Zekeriyakoy are well organised, high quality locations with forest view real estate projects and villas. Prices of new housing projects with forest view in these locations changing between 100,000 USD to 750,000 USD. However, villa prices are more expensive than apartments in housing projects in these 2 locations. Average villa price with forest view is around 600,000 USD in Zekeriyakoy and Gokturk.

Forest View Projects for Sale in Istanbul Cheapest Price

In locations such as Kartal and Maltepe which are 35-40 kms away from Central Istanbul, cheap forest view units can be found. These areas located in Asian side of Istanbul. Even though it is far from central Istanbul, these areas have its own centers with restaurants, malls and supermarkets. Additionally, there are metro lines available that you can reach to central Istanbul within 40-50 minutes. In Kartal and Maltepe locations, new projects with forest view start from 60,000 USD. 2-bedroom apartments with forest view are around 100,000 USD.

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