Cheap Residences for Sale in Istanbul

Cheap Residences for Sale in Istanbul

New residential projects in Istanbul are usually sold for higher prices compared to the other type of properties. The price range change by location, quality and facilities. For the residence projects, the concept and the facilities have a significant impact on the price. To buy a cheap residence for sale in Istanbul, you need to sacrifice from enriched social facilities and head towards  the more boutique kind of residence projects.

Low Price Residences in Istanbul

Low price residences for sale in Istanbul can be found in the non-central areas usually. However, in central Istanbul, some of the residence projects come forward with their cheap prices in comparison with the other residential projects in the same areas.

Cheap Residences in Central Istanbul

There are lots of residential projects for sale in central Istanbul almost in every neighborhood. Some of these projects are as large as 5000 units and millions of square meters with social areas. On the other hand, there are also some residence projects in nice locations in central Istanbul for cheaper prices. Kagithane and Bomonti are central locations that can be bought cheap residences in central Istanbul.


In Kagithane, there are more than 10 new residential projects for sale. There are very expensive ones as well as cheap ones. Residences nearby Cendere Street are the most expensive ones. However, in the same area there are boutique and a new residence for half a price. For instance, 2blok Kagithane is a new residence project in Kagithane, around 900m away from Cendere Street. 1 bedroom apartment prices around 750.000 TL while the same size apartment in Cendere Street is around 1.300.000 TL.


Bomonti is an area with the most expensive residence projects. Usually, residence projects in Bomonti are luxury ones. Projects like Queen Bomonti and Bomonti Residence by Rotana are the most popular ones in the area with around 300.000 USD starting prices for 1-bedroom apartments. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find a cheap residence for sale in the Bomonti area. For example, Kuleli Evleri Bomonti is a new boutique residence project in Bomonti around 1 km away from Hilton Bomonti with a starting price of 700.000 TL for 1+1.

Cheap Residences in Other Areas of Istanbul

If you decide on buying a residence for sale in Istanbul but not in the central areas, the number of alternatives increases and the price that you pay will decrease. Esenyurt, Bahcesehir and Avcilar some of the examples of where you can find a lower price residence for sale in Istanbul. In these areas, there are residences with social facilities for cheaper prices. For instance, in projects such as Empire Istanbul and Nlogo Esenyurt, 1-bedroom apartments can be found from 500.000 TL.

Buy Cheap Residences for Sale in Istanbul

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