Cheap Property in Turkey

Cheap Property in Turkey

In Turkey, even if in the same neighborhood, property prices can change depending on the concept, age of the building and the quality of production. Even though this assumption is correct in general, there are locations that you can find cheap properties in Turkey which are new and with good quality.

One of the main reasons that new property prices change from area to area is the cost of the land. Since the costs of the lands are reasonable in new developing areas, developers can offer new buildings and projects for cheaper prices.

Cheap Properties in Turkey


Yalova is a small city which is right next to Istanbul with 120,000 population. It is around 90 km away from central Istanbul. It is a rapidly growing city and surrounded by natural beauties such as forest, sea and thermal sources. In Yalova, 1-bedroom apartment in a new project can be found for $25,000 and 2 bedrooms can be found for $30,000.


Bursa is the 4th largest city of Turkey with a 3 million population. It is located in the Marmara Region near the Marmara Sea. It is around 150 km to Central Istanbul. It’s a well-organized city with lots of opportunities such as parks, shopping malls, concert halls and vibrant streets. Bursa also has a Mountain Uludag which is one of the biggest ski centers in Turkey. In addition to that Bursa has been selected as the most livable 28th city in the world in 2016. New and cheap properties start from $35.000 in Bursa. For $45,000 it can be found 2 bedrooms in a new project with social facilities. For 3 bedrooms the minimum amount to be paid is $60,000.


Sapanca is a region in Sakarya city, nearby the Sapanca lake with lots of touristic facilities and natural activities such as lakeside walking paths, forest activities. There are many villas and apartments with green areas in Sapanca. To buy a 3-bedroom apartment in Sapanca, the minimum amount you need to pay is $65,000. This number goes up depending on the size and location. Also besides there are villas in Sapanca starting from $100.000.

Cheap Properties in Istanbul


Esenyurt is located on the west side of European Istanbul next to the Bahcesehir and Beylikduzu areas. It is 35 km from Taksim Square. For the last 15 years many new real estate projects have been developed in this area and Esenyurt became the Istanbul cheap property center. 1-bedroom apartments in Esenyurt area start from $30,000 in the new projects. 3 bedrooms are around $50,000 again in the new projects.


Beylikduzu is at west European Istanbul nearby the Marmara Sea. Beylikduzu is 40 km far from Taksim Square. Compare to Esenyurt, Beylikduzu is a calm area with seaside facilities such as marina and beach walks. 1-bedroom new apartments in this area start from $40,000 and the prices go up depending on the view. Sea view apartments in this area start from $70,000.


Kartal is one of the newest centers of Istanbul Asian side with brand-new real estate projects, skyscrapers and finance centers. It is nearby the Marmara Sea with a coastal road. Kartal is 30 km far from Taksim square. However, you can reach most parts of the city, including Taksim Square, by metro from Kartal. With $30.000 starting prices Kartal is another place that you can find cheap property in Istanbul.