Cheap Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Cheap Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Property prices in Istanbul change dramatically from district to district. Central areas are the most expensive areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul. Also, seaside places have higher square meter prices in Istanbul. However, in some districts, it is possible to find cheap properties for sale in Istanbul

Low Price Properties for Sale in Istanbul

There are both new and old properties for sale in Istanbul. Usually, new properties are more expensive than old properties in any district in Istanbul. That’s first option to buy a low-price property is to prefer an old property.

Cheap Old Properties for Sale in Istanbul

The old property does not necessarily mean that uncared or collapsed property. There are lots of old properties in Istanbul in a good condition. Buying and old property is the best way of being a property owner in the city center with reasonable prices since it is almost impossible to find a new property in Istanbul for lower prices. For instance, new apartment prices in Sisli around 25.000 TL per square meter while an old apartment in the same area can be bought for 10.000 TL per square meter.

Cheap New Properties for sale in Istanbul

It is also possible to buy a new property for lower prices in Istanbul. In the areas with lower land costs, there are new real estate projects with affordable prices. Esenyurt, Kayasehir and Umraniye are some examples of low land cost areas. In these areas, there are new properties in a new real estate projects with social facilities for cheaper prices. Starting price for this kind of properties is 8.000 TL per square meter.

Properties in Suburbs of Istanbul

Another way of buying cheap property in Istanbul is to own a property in Suburbs rather than central Istanbul. Suburbs in Istanbul is not like in any other cities. Since the population of Istanbul is over 15 million, even in the suburbs, urbanization is very high. Buyukcekmece, Silivri and Arnavutkoy on the European side and Tuzla on Asian Side are the suburbs that you can find a property with lower prices. As it is mentioned above, these areas are urbanized districts with all the social services such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Moreover, these are the seaside areas that you can even swim in the sea.

Buy Cheap Property in Istanbul

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