Buying Property in Turkey

Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is popular with the real estate sector. Turkey has a significant position for international real estate buyers and tourists. Therefore, many people ask: “Can I buy property in Turkey?” . Buying property in Turkey for foreigners is easy. 


People of almost all nationalities can buy property in Turkey. Before 2012, people in more than 40 countries could not buy property due to law. After the changes made by the Turkish government in 2012, almost all nationalities can buy property in Turkey except for five countries. These countries are as follows: 

  1. Syria, 
  2. North Korea, 
  3. Southern Cyprus, 
  4. Armenia, 
  5. Cuba.


You can continue reading our article to have more information about buying property in Turkey and residence permit issues in Turkey.


Can anyone buy a property in Turkey?


International real estate buyers must complete the criteria to purchase property in Turkey. So, can a foreigner buy property in Turkey? It is easy for foreigners to buy property in Turkey. Almost all nationalities can buy real estate in Turkey.


People from all over the world show interest in the Turkish real estate sector. While some of these people buy property in Turkey for vacation, many take advantage of profitable investment opportunities. When real estate is purchased in Turkey, title deed transfer transactions are made in the title deed offices in Turkey. Unlike some European countries, title deeds cannot be registered with a notary in Turkey.


Can you get residency in Turkey if you buy a property?


To reside in Turkey, you need to buy a property. You or your legal representative must then submit the required documents to the citizenship office along with the citizenship application payment receipt. With Century 21, it is easy to get real estate options and a residence permit that suits you.


For that, Century 21 always provides support. Our company provides various alternatives for you to become a Turkish citizen and buy property in Turkey for foreigners with a housing investment. Before you get your Turkish Citizenship, you are given a residence permit. Thus, you can stay in Turkey while your citizenship process continues. It usually takes 2-6 months to obtain Turkish citizenship. 


How long does it take to buy a property in Turkey?


The foreigner who buys real estate is waiting for the process of transactions, which will cover an average of one to two months at the title deed. 


The foreigner who buys real estate is waiting for the process of transactions, which will cover an average of one to two months at the title deed. Deed transactions begin with the preliminary application of the real estate owner or his authorized representative to the Land Registry Directorate. This process with Century 21 is as follows:


  • After your inquiry, we offer you the most suitable real estate with all the details.
  • We organize tours to the properties of your choice.
  • We carry out the sales process following the citizenship process.
  • Our legal department collects your documents and prepares them for the Citizenship Office.
  • We arrange your health insurance and fill out your citizenship forms from you.
  • Our legal team delivers all your documents to the Citizenship Office.


In addition, our legal team will follow your application and notify you when your residence permit and Turkish Citizenship have been read.


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