Buy To Let Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Buy To Let Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Buy to let properties for sale in Istanbul can be found n many districts. These properties, which are generally considered to be purcashed for investment purposes, provide return of investment in certain periods. At this point, those who want to buy a property for sale in Istanbul should take this return of investment (ROI) in rental income into account. Factors such as average square meter prices, neighborhood density and neighborhood development affect the return of investment period. Buy to let properties in Istanbul can generate high rental income according to their rental capabilities. When looking for a property to buy in Istanbul, it's important to pay attention to the location, transportation facilities, and whether it's close to various major locations.

Buy To Let Properties in Low Budget Districts

The average square meter prices that people who want to buy apartment in Istanbul should pay attention to are different in each district. For instance, for the low budget areas such as, Sancaktepe, Silivri and Sultanbeyli, which are districts with low rent per square meter, average rent per square meter is between 10-20 TL. In addition, it is stated that the average rent for Sancaktepe is 1.110 TL and the return period is 25 years. In Silivri, while the average rent is 1,000 TL, the payback period is 26 years.Lastly, Sultanbeyli has an average rental price of 969 and a return period of 28 years. However, within the scope of properties for sale in Istanbul, this return period and rental costs may change. Especially in the coming period, according to the current economic conditions, the rental prices may increase considerably, according to experts.


Buy To Let Properties in Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the most preferred districts when it comes to buying a property for sale in Istanbul. Although the district is mostly with older buildings, the rental prices are high. However, it is observed that the return of investment period in terms of property investment is extremely high. The average rental price of the residential units in the district is between 4000 TL. The average square meter rental price is 40 TL. Even though the payback period is high as properties for sale in Istanbul, they are a serious source of income. Besiktas offers a profitable housing investment, especially in the new real estate projects.

Buy To Let Properties in Kucukcekmece

The properties for sale in Istanbul Kucukcekmece are currently very popular. Especially these days when the Kanal Istanbul project is on the agenda, new housing projects are also being started. For the last 5 years, Kucukcekmece is the winner among all Istanbul districts in terms of return of investment. Therefore, there are many alternative housing options for people who want to buy property in Istanbul. In addition, suitable housing can be found for people with medium budgets. It is estimated that Kucukmece, which has average proeprty prices in general, will keep its increase continously. Buy to let properties are also very popular in Kucukcekmece area especially in the newer real estate projects. The average rental price for sqm is between 22-25 Lira while the return of investment period is around 20-22 years. 


Buy To Let Properties in Sariyer

Istanbul Sarıyer is one of the preferred districts for property investment. Sarıyer, which is generally among the developed districts, hosts high-budget housing projects. Therefore, rental prices are high in this area accordingly. Sarıyer, which is also advantageous in terms of location, transportation opportunities and rental income, can be preferred for buy to let property investment in Istanbul. In Sariyer, there is an average of 1,900 lira rental fee. However, when the old properties are discluded, average rental price reaches to 5,000 TL.  Although the average return of investment period is high as in 25 years in Sariyer, this period decreases from year to year with increasing rental prices.  Thus, it turns into a very profitable investment for those who want to buy a property in Istanbul.


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