Buy Property in Istanbul – Top 10 Projects to invest in 2021

Buy Property in Istanbul – Top 10 Projects to invest in 2021

Istanbul property market is very large, there are thousands of properties for sale in Istanbul is more than a hundred real estate projects. Searching through the properties in Istanbul can be confusing sometimes. All investors want to find the best option even though they have different expectations. Both for investment purposes or own living purposes, the features of the property to invest in are similar. To buy property in Istanbul, investors should consider some key points such as location, construction quality, social amenities and the price. We have listed the top 10 real estate projects to buy property in Istanbul in 2021 which includes all the important features. 

1- Deniz Istanbul / Beylikduzu

Deniz Istanbul is one of the largest real estate projects in Istanbul. It is built on 1,5M square meter of land as in 3 stages. In the project, there are residential units, marina, beach, school, parks, hospital, restaurants and walking paths. In fact, Deniz Istanbul is a town more than a real estate project. Most of the apartments for sale in Deniz Istanbul have a sea view. In the project, there are options from 1 bedroom to villa options. The project is located at the seaside of Beylikduzu. It is nearby to the coastal road, E-5 Highway and central Beylikduzu.

Deniz Istanbul can be considered both as a city home and a summer home. It is the project that you can enjoy the seaside lifestyle in Istanbul most. So, if you are buying property in Istanbul to come occasionally, Deniz Istanbul can be one of the best options to buy property in Istanbul. It is both in Istanbul and out of Istanbul’s rush.

To buy property in Deniz Istanbul minimum amount that you must pay is for a 1-bedroom apartment is 142,000 USD without cash payment discounts. When the number of bedrooms increases, the price goes up accordingly. For instance, 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Deniz Istanbul start from 315,000 USD.

2 –Bomonti Residences by Rotana / Bomonti

Bomonti Residence by Rotana is the newest project of the Bomonti area in Sisli. On 18.000 square meters of land, Bomonti Residence Rotana will consist of a residential tower, 5 stars Rotana Hotel, Spanish garden with restaurants and social facilities. Apartments in the project have both city view and Bosphorus view. In fact, the Bosphorus view from the higher floors of Bomonti Residence cannot be compared with too many projects. The Spanish Garden concept of the project is unique. In the shared garden of Bomonti Residence and Rotana Hotel, there will be more than 20 restaurants and cafes where people can enjoy themselves.

The location of the project is right next to Bomonti Hilton Hotel and Bomonti Ada. It is also less than a kilometer away from both Kagithane and Besiktas Tunnels. The location of the project is very central and easy to access, that’s why it is one of the projects with the highest rental capability and price appreciation potential. Bomonti Rotana is offering an investment opportunity to those whom want to buy property in the Istanbul center.

Apartments for sale in Bomonti Residence by Rotana are mostly smaller units since the project is planned buy to let purposes. %95 of the project consists of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. 1-bedroom apartments in Bomonti Residence by Rotana starts from 366,000 USD.

3 – Torun Center / Sisli

Torun Center is a very large mixed real estate project in Mecidiyekoy, Sisli. It is one of the luxurious and prestigious real estate projects of Istanbul. On 34,360 square meters of land there are 3 skyscrapers, a horizontal office blocks, café & restaurant areas and a city park. Skyscrapers consist of residential units mostly, at the lower floors there are also office options. Interior designs have the highest production quality and finishing are great in the projects. Most of the apartments for sale in Torun Center have Bosphorus views. There are also common areas and lounges where you can enjoy the Bosphorus view. When you step out the residential tower, there is a beautiful city park inside of the project with a Starbucks café in it.

Torun Center is located at Buyukdere Street which is one of the most popular streets in Istanbul. It can be accepted as the 5th avenue of Istanbul. Most of the most prestigious business centers, shopping malls and luxury residences are in Buyukdere Street. The project is on the Mecidiyekoy side of Buyukdere street also nearby to the Gayrettepe area. From Torun Center, you can reach Sisli Metro Station is by 6-7 minutes walking. Torun Center is also only 2 metro stations away from Taksim Square.

Apartments for sale in Torun Center are in different sizes as in 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms and 4-bedrooms. The project is planned for both living purposes and buy to let purposes. The nearest alternative to the project is Zorlu Center which is sold out. That’s why Torun Center can be considered as one of the best places that you can buy an unused luxury apartment in Istanbul. To buy an apartment in Torun Center Sisli, the minimum amount must be paid is 479,000 USD without a cash discount.

4 – Kordon Istanbul / Kagithane

Kordon Istanbul is a residential real estate project at Kagithane’s busiest street Cendere Street. The project consists of 3 stages. The first 2 stages are already delivered. In the first 2 stages there are 9 residential blocks with open garden areas, a fitness center and a swimming pool. Backside of Kordon Istanbul is facing towards the Kagithane River. The river is not running strongly at the moment but in the near future, the municipality will start on work to make the river as it was before. The 3rd stage of Kordon Istanbul which will be delivered in 2023, is planned as a suite hotel. Apartments in the 3rd stage are studios and 1 bedroom which can be purchased and rent back to Kordon Istanbul management with a 5% guarantee for 5 years.

The location of the project is in the new attraction center of Istanbul, Cendere Street. In this street, there are lots of new real estate projects, business centers and shopping malls such as Vadistanbul. Kordon Istanbul is located between Seyrantepe and Kagithane areas. From the project it is 5 minutes by driving to Kagithane, Seyrantepe and 10 minutes to Levent and Maslak areas. The nearest metro station is in Vadistanbul which is at 15 minutes by walk.

Kordon Istanbul has apartments of all sizes in the first 2 stages. 1-bedroom and 2-bedrooms apartments in Kordon Istanbul usually are bought for buy to let purposes while larger apartments are bought for their own living purposes. 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Kordon Istanbul start from 210,000 USDIt is a very promising option to buy property in Istanbul for investment purposes.

5 – Sua Elite Concept / Kadikoy

Sua Elite Concept is a residential real estate project with 3 blocks in Fikirtepe, Kadikoy. In Fikirtepe, there are many new real estate projects since it is an urban transformation area. However, Sua Elite Concept is the most preferred one in terms of the location, quality and view. The project is located closer to the Goztepe area and surrounded by other mixed real estate projects. In Sua Elite Concept, aside from the 3 residential blocks, there is a large garden with restaurants and cafés. Apartments in Sua Elite Concept have both city view and the Marmara Sea view.

Sua Elite Concept is located at Fikirtepe, right nearby to the metro and metrobus stations. It is 10 minutes walking distance to the largest shopping mall of the area, Akasya. From Sua Elite Concept, it is easy to access the E-5 highway and Bosphorus Bridge. In addition to that, by 5 minutes driving, you can reach Kadikoy central, coastal road and Bagdat street from Sua Elite Concept.

Sua Elite Concept has apartment options from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom. The project is planned for an own living. In fact, it is one of the best projects to buy property in Istanbul Asian side in terms of price and quality. For instance, a 3-bedroom apartment with a sea view is around 285,000 USD without a cash discount.

6 – Avangart Istanbul / Seyrantepe

Avangart Istanbul is a government guaranteed (Emlak Konut) housing project in Seyrantepe, Azerbeycan Street. It is located right across from Vadistanbul shopping mall.  Avangart Istanbul consists of 8 residential units with apartments from studio to 4-bedroom. In the project, there are all the social facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center and open-air social areas. The quality of the apartments in Avangart Istanbul is one of the best in the area. In addition to that, most of the units in Avangart Istanbul have a forest view.

The location of Avangart Istanbul is very advantageous. Since it is just across from Vadistanbul shopping mall, it is only 3 minutes walking distance to the mall where you can enjoy restaurants cafes, concert halls and where you can use the metro station. Also, from Avangart Istanbul it is easy to reach the TEM highway, Levent, Maslak areas, 2nd Bosphorus Bridge and the new Istanbul Airport

The Project is preferred for both investment and own living purposes. To buy property in Avangart Istanbul, the minimum price that you need to pay is 219,000 USD for a 1-bedroom apartment.

7 – Makyol Santral / Bahcesehir

Makyol Santral is a housing project with apartments and villas. It consists of one large connected block and town house concept villas along with a large garden, swimming pool and fitness center. Apartments in Makyol Santral are in different layouts and sizes as in 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedrooms. The quality of production in the project is very high. All of the units in Makyol Santral have an open city view.

Makyol Santral is located at Bahcesehir right nearby to the TEM highway and in front of Akbati Shopping mall. When you step out of a project, you can reach to Akbati mall in seconds and also to Akkoza project which full of restaurants and cafes. Makyol Santral is at the most convenient location of Bahcesehir.

Apartments for sale in Makyol Santral start from 110.000 USD without a cash discount. Villa prices in the project start from 471,000 USD. Makyol Santral is one of the best options to buy property in Istanbul west side.

8 – Ritz Carlton Residence / Nisantasi

Ritz Carlton Residence is a boutique and luxury real estate project in Istanbul’s one of the most popular locations, Nisantasi. The project consists of one residential block on a 5032 square meter of land with social facilities and concierge services. In Ritz Carlton Residence Nisantasi, there are different size of apartments from 1-bedroom to 4- bedroom. Apartments on higher floors have stunning Bosphorus Views. The quality of the apartments and the appliances in it has the highest quality.

The location of Ritz Carlton Residence is very unique. It is the only residence project in Nisantasi. Nisantasi is Istanbul’s most exclusive area with world famous luxury brands, restaurants and cafes. From Ritz Cartlon Residence all these areas are within walking distance. In addition to that, it is also possible to reach Besiktas and Taksim Square from the project by waking.

Apartments for sale in Ritz Carlton Residence Nisantasi start from 621,000 USD as in a 1-bedroom apartment. The minimum price for a 2-bedroom apartment in the project is 788,000 USD without cash discounts.

9 – Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 / Kucukcekmece

Avrupa Konutlari Atakent is a housing project in Kucukcekmece right nearby to the Kucukcekmece Lake. The project consists of 3 stages as 4A, 4B and 4C. In the project, there are residential units, large open-air gardens, a swimming pool and other social facilities. The project belongs to one of the most famous developers of Turkey, Artas. It is the firm that developed Vadistanbul as well.  So, Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 has the exact same quality as Vadistanbul project for more affordable prices.

Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 is in Halkali Street, Kucukcekmece. It is couple of minutes driving to the Basin Ekspress Street and Kucukcekmece Lakes. Also, from the project, it is easy to reach both highways.

Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 is planned as a family living project. Although there are small apartment options as well, large apartments such as 3-bedrooms are most preferred in this project. 3-bedroom apartments in Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 start from 235,000 USD. It is one of the cheapest projects that you can buy property in Istanbul with high quality.

10 – Sinpas Finans Sehir / Atasehir

Sinpas Finans Sehir is a mixed real estate project in Atasehir that consists of residential and office units. It is a very large project which will be built on a 141.000 square meter of land. Sinpas Finans Sehir is planned to be delivered in 2023. In the project, there are residential blocks, a tower and offices. All the social facilities are considered in Sinpas Finans Sehir such as gardens, swimming pools, reception services and fitness centers.

Sinpas Finans Sehir is located at Atasehir right nearby to the Istanbul Finance Center. Istanbul Finance Center is expected to be the biggest business center in Turkey when it is completed. From Sinpas Finans Sehir it is also easy to access the Tem Highway, both Bosphorus bridges and Bagdat Street by driving.

There are different sizes of apartments in Sinpas Finans Sehir since the project is planned for both own living and investment purposes. 1-bedroom apartments start from 253,000 USD in the project. Office prices in Sinpas Finans Sehir start from 179,000 USD. Sinpas Finans Sehir is one of the most promising projects to buy property in Istanbul Asian Side.

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