Buy House in Istanbul

Buy House in Istanbul

The new type of Coronavirus Covid-19 has been appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and spread all over the world within a short time. Most of the countries applied lockdowns and many businesses had to close down for a long period.

Common view suggests that western countries have failed coping with the pandemic. The healthcare system has collapsed in most of the western countries and many people were not able to take a good healthcare during the Covid-19 Pandemic. On the other hand, Turkey’s healthcare system stands out and attracted attention worldwide. Moreover, world’s most famous channels such as CNN International made news about Turkey’s success on Covid-19 Pandemic.

The success of Turkey in Covid-19 pandemic made Turkey pointed by finger from foreigners to live and/or invest. To buy house in Istanbul after Covid-19 will be very popular after the pandemic from these reasons.

How did Turkey become successful with Covid-19 Fight?


Medical and cleaning supplies

Turkey’s strong supply chain, healthcare system and social facilities helped Turkey to cope with Covid-19 successfully.  While there was a shortage for masks, medical supplies and health supplies, Turkey was able to distribute products to citizens for free. Besides to this, Turkey donated medical supplies and masks to 44 countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.


Intensive care units

Turkey has the highest number of intensive care unit in Europe for per 100.000 people. While the intensive care units in Europe and America was overloaded, in Turkey at the peak time of the pandemic, the occupancy rate of intensive care units remained below 60%.


Free healthcare service

From the first day of Covid-19 Pandemic, Turkey added Covid-19 treatment to both public and private insurance packages. So, Covid-19 treatment was free for everyone.


Why to Buy House in Istanbul After Covid-19 Pandemic?

Buying property in Istanbul has always been charming for the investors because of many reasons. Now, after Covid-19 Pandemic, it is expected that there will be new factors which will increase Istanbul’s value.

The accessible healthcare system will be the main reason for the rise of Istanbul after Covid-19 pandemic. In Istanbul there are 231 hospitals both private and public hospitals and anyone can have emergency service for free. Besides, private insurances are for reasonable prices in comparison with rest of the world. Istanbul will be the center for people who look for a professional and reasonable health care and buying property in Istanbul will be the key to this.


Residence Permit

Firstly, once you buy a property in Istanbul regardless with the price limit, you are able to obtain a residence permit. Thus, you are having a right to come to Turkey anytime you want while your investment is appreciating. In addition to a profitable investment, you can have a private health insurance with your residence permit and use it in any hospital in Istanbul anytime.


Citizenship Benefits

Based on the law no. 5901, foreign investors who purchase 250.000 USD worth of property can obtain Turkish citizenship for themselves, their spouses and underage children. Once you are a citizen you can also take an advantage of public health insurance. Public health insurance fee is 81 Turkish Lira by 2020 (apx.12 USD) and it allows you to have a public healthcare in any public hospital and some of the private hospitals. Reasonable public healthcare system also led foreigners to interest with Turkish citizenship and property investment in Istanbul.


How Much Does It Cost to Buy Apartment in Istanbul ?

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How to Buy House in Istanbul ?

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Is buying property in Turkey a good investment ?

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To sum up, after Covid-19 pandemic, Istanbul real estate market will have new reasons to be invested. Increasing Turkey looks like will continue to make its investors win in the future.