Buy Flat in Istanbul – 4 Best Locations to invest in Central Istanbul

Buy Flat in Istanbul – 4 Best Locations to invest in Central Istanbul

Istanbul real estate market grows fast. Especially within the last 10 years lots of new locations have been popular to buy flat in Istanbul. Nevertheless, still central Istanbul is the best place to make a real estate investment. Well-known areas in central Istanbul have kept their values while prices in old areas in Central Istanbul have increased faster than any other locations in Istanbul. The main reason behind this is the increasing demand for new properties in the center and the urban transformation law. Although there are many more old areas that became residential and popular for investment in Istanbul, we have listed the top 4 locations to buy flats in the Istanbul center.


Kagithane is located in central Istanbul between Sisli, Besiktas, Eyup and Sariyer areas. The population of the area is 442.415 by 2020 and the land area is 16km2. It is an easy to access area with bus, metro and minibus transportation facilities. Kagithane River is also in Kagithane which is connected with the Golden Horn (Halic). Before 2010, Kagithane was an industrial area with lots of ateliers and factories on Cendere Street which is parallel to the Kagithane River. After the urbanization started in Kagithane, more than 20 new real estate projects have been built by well-known developers in Turkey.

Why to Buy Flat in Kagithane?

In terms of location and transportation facilities, Kagithane is in a very advantageous location. It is nearby to the main business areas such as Maslak and Levent, nearby to the popular areas such as BesiktasTaksim and Zincirlikuyu. Also, lots of new office projects and business centers have been built in Kagithane. The area is the best solution to meet the new housing demand of the people who work in these areas.

In addition to that, there are many universities and hospitals and Istanbul main courthouse nearby to the area. Bilgi UniversityNisantasi University, Halic University, Derindere Hospital and Liv Hospital Vadistanbul are some of the examples of the universities and hospitals in the area. Kagithane is also meeting the housing demand of people who studies and works in these places as well. When all these are considered, Kagithane looks like one of the best places to buy a flat in Istanbul for buy to let reasons.

Real Estate in Kagithane

There are both small and large flats in the real estate projects of Kagithane. However, it is one of the most preferred locations to buy a small flat in Istanbul. For all the reasons listed above, small apartments are in high demand to live. Because students and white-collar workers use their flats as a hotel, projects with small flats and with high social facilities are the most preferred ones. Nef projects in Kagithane, Seba Suites, 2blok, Genyap Link, Hill Town 11 residence, Otto Kagithane are some of the real estate projects mostly with smaller flats as in the studio, 1-bedroom or small 2 bedrooms. All these projects are new and filled with social facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, guest rooms, play station rooms, cinema theatres, etc. Also, their locations are nearby to the public transportations.

On the other hand, there is also family living real estate projects are have existed in Kagithane. In these real estate projects, there are both small and large apartments such as 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and 5-bedrooms. Mevsim Istanbul and Istova are the real estate projects that come forward for family living. To sum up, Kagithane is one of the favorite locations of investors who want to buy a flat in Istanbul city center.

Bomonti / Sisli

Bomonti is an area in Sisli. It is located below Osmanbey area, nearby to the Caglayan Courthouse. The area is named after the old beer factory in the area. It has a very easy to access the location from the most vibrant part of the city. Therefore, there are lots of 5 stars hotels in the area as well as real estate projects. Before the 2010s it was an old residential area with old single buildings. After new roads and tunnels are opened nearby to Bomonti it became very central and popular are in Istanbul. Also, by the impact of the urban transformation, it became one of the most preferred areas to buy flats in Istanbul. The area is very urbanized and has a high population. There are lots of public transportation facilities in Bomonti as well

Why to Buy Flat in Bomonti?

Bomonti is developing fast and new A+ real estate projects as in residential, commercial and hotels are coming up. The biggest advantage of Bomonti is the location and is easy to access. Firstly, Kagithane Tunnel and Besiktas Tunnel changed the entire area. It takes 5 minutes to take both locations by a tunnel. Both in Kagithane and Besiktas, there are lots of universities, business centers, social services. That’s why many people want to own/rent a flat nearby to those areas. In addition to that, both large private universities as Bahcesehir University and Bilgi University are within 5 minutes driving range to Bomonti via tunnels. Bomonti is a great alternative for students in these universities.

Secondly, Bomonti is nearby to NisantasiTaksim Square and the Istanbul Courthouse in Caglayan which thousands of lawyers visit every day. To all these locations it is easier to reach from Bomonti in minutes. Besides the location, the area itself is very attractive such locations as Hilton Bomonti Hotel and Bomonti Ada (restaurant and concert hall area)

Real Estate in Bomonti

Flats for sale in Bomonti are usually small apartments in luxury tower concept real estate projects. As is mentioned above, the area is mostly occupied by students and business professionals just like Kagithane. The difference between Kagithane and Bomonti is that Bomonti has more luxury conceptssince it is closer to the more central areas. 1- bedroom and small 2-bedroom flats are the most preferred flats to buy in Bomonti. Bomonti Residences by Rotana, Sinpas Queen Bomonti, Anthill, The House Residence and Kuleli Bomonti are the most popular projects in the area.

Large flats in the area are not preferred as much as small flats. The main reason behind that since there is no demand for large flats, real estate projects are not planned for family living. There are not many of real estate projects with large spaces and green areas. That’s why Bomonti is not the first choice for families who wants to buy a large flat in Istanbul. There are still 3 and 4-bedroom flat options in Bomonti, in the real estate projects listed above. In conclusion, Bomonti is one of the most popular places to buy a flat in Istanbul in the luxury small flat concept.

Alibeykoy / Eyup

Alibeykoy area is located in the historical Eyup District. It is next to the Golden Horn (Halic) close to the E-5 and Tem Highways and nearby to the Kagithane area. It is also easy to reach to Levent and Maslak areas from Alibeykoy via TEM Highway. Alibeykoy has always been a residential area with old single buildings. But after the 2010s to the impact of increasing housing demand in the city center and also the impact of developing transportation facilities, Alibeykoy became an investment point to buy flats in Istanbul city center.

Why to Buy Apartment in Alibeykoy?

Alibeykoy is in a very central location nearby to the most vibrant parts of the city as well as main arterial roads such as Higways, New Istanbul airport and Cendere Street. It is also easier to access from Alibeykoy to Taksim Square, Golden Horn, Levent, Maslak and Old Town area. Besides to that, the new metro and tram lines which has a station in Alibeykoy, made the area easier to access. By the Sisli – Mahmutbey metro line, it is 3 stops to reach to Sisli and by the new golden horn tram line, it is 10 minutes to reach to Eminonu (old town)

In addition to the transportation facilities, Alibeykoy itself developing very fast and becoming a residential and commercial area. In the Guzeltepe area, there are lots of new investments such as the Istanbul main bus station and Turkuaz Media headquarters which is one of the biggest media groups in Turkey. All these developments make Alibeykoy a place that people are looking for a new flat to buy or rent. And lastly, Bilgi University is located in the Alibeykoy area which has more than 10.000 students. It is also contributing to the development of the area.

Real Estate in Alibeykoy

Flats in Alibeykoy are mostly family concept types. There are real estate projects in Alibeykoy with a high number of units and social facilities. The quality and amenities of the real estate projects in this area are above the standards. Prices are one of the most affordable ones in the central Istanbul. 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments are the most preferred ones in the areaYenikoy Konaklari, Mevsim Eyup and Yeni Nesil Eyup are the most preferred real estate projects to buy flat in Alibeykoy Istanbul.

There are also small flats for sale in the area as in 1-bedroom and small 2-bedrooms. These flats are bought for buy to let reasons to the students and business professionals who study/work nearby. In this kind of project there are all the facilities considered as in parking, fitness and swimming pool. Focus Eyup, Yeni Eyup Evleri and Forev Modern are the most preferred projects to buy a small flat in Alibeykoy Area.

Seyrantepe / Sariyer

Seyrantepe is of the most central parts of Sariyer by the old Cendere new Azerbeycan Street. It is a very easy to access location down by the Tem Highway, Galatasaray Stadium and Kagithane area. It is 5-10 minutes to reach to Levent and Maslak area from Seyrantepe by driving. Also, the new airport connection road is nearby to Seyrantepe. Seyrantepe was an empty land since the early 2010s. After Galatasaray’s new stadium is moved into this area, the construction is planned for the area and all the investments started simultaneously. Since the area was empty it was easier to build a well-organized area. It became one of the most central places to buy a flat in Istanbul in a high-quality real estate project.

Why to Buy Flat in Seyrantepe?

Seyrantepe is the most central location of Istanbul which has new real estate projects for sale with more affordable prices compared with the well-known central areas. Also, the quality of the flats and projects are similar to the most luxurious projects in the popular central areas. In addition to that, location and the forest view is a plus to buy a flat in this area. Since the Seyrantepe area is nearby to Belgrade Forest, many flats here have a beautiful forest view. In addition to that, one of the largest shopping malls of Istanbul Vadistanbul is in this area. People from all over the city come to spend time to Vadistanbul’s shopping mall, outdoor restaurants, cafes and concert hall.

The location of Seyrantepe is unique and transportation facilities are enriched. For people who work in the business hubs such as Levent, Maslak and Kagithane, Seyrantepe area is one of the best choices to live in. Besides to being nearby to the main roads, there is a metro station in the area where you can reach to the main parts of city in couple stops.

Seyrantepe Real Estate

Flats for sale in Seyrantepe area are in the A+ real estate projects. Projects in here have lots of social facilities and luxury interior designs. In Seyrantepe there are both residential projects with multiple blocks and green areas and skyscrapper kind of projects. There are both large and small flats in the area from studio to 5+ bedroom. Vadistanbul, Nurol Life, Skyland, Avangart Istanbul, Seba Flats, Kordon Istanbul and Porta Vadi are the most preferred real estate project in the area.

The area has a high investment value. Every year prices go up and rentral prices are increasing. Since there is shortage for new housing projects in central Istanbul, the demand to Seyrantepe area is increasing day by day. It is both suitable for buy to let investment and own living concepts. For all these reasons listed above, Seyrantepe is one of the most preferred areas to buy flat in Istanbul.

Buy Flat in Istanbul for Sale

Investment locatinos to buy flat in Istanbul City Center are not limited with the locations above. To learn more and find out how to buy flat in Istanbul for sale, kindly reach us by filling a contact form, on whatsapp or via e-mail. One of the professional consultants of Century21 Sinerji team will contact you immediately.