Buy Apartment In Istanbul - 3 Best Locations For Family Living In Istanbul

Buy Apartment In Istanbul - 3 Best Locations For Family Living In Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with more than 15 million people. There are 39 districts in Istanbul as in 25 districts in the European Side of Istanbul and 14 districts in the Asian Side of Istanbul. All these districts have different features and demographics. Some of the districts have very high human density since there are lots of business centers, universities and shopping malls while the other districts have less density and urbanization. To buy an apartment in Istanbul, it is important to know which location is suitable for your expectations. If you buy apartment in Istanbul for family living purposes in several districts, come forward. Although there are many locations that suitable for family living, only the top 3 locations to buy apartment in Istanbul for family living purposes have been listed in this content.

Where to Buy Apartment in Istanbul for Family Living?


Sariyer is located in the European Side of Istanbul in the central north part. Some of the areas in Sariyer are considered central areas and some of the areas are considered as out of central Istanbul. The population of Sariyer is 335,289 and the land area is 177 km2. Sariyer has shores to both Istanbul Bosphorus and the Black Sea. It has lots of seaside neighborhoods. In addition to that Belgrade Forests is also located in Sariyer.

Why to Buy An Apartment in Sariyer?

Sariyer is one of the most popular areas to buy apartments in Istanbul central. There are lots of attraction points in Sariyer, especially near the Bosphorus. Yenikoy, Tarabya, Emirgan and Rumeli Hisari are some of the Bosphorus side locations in Sariyer where you can take a walk nearby the sea, enjoy restaurants and cafes with the best Bosphorus views and where you can spend quality time as a family in the parks and museums. Emirgan Park and Sabanci Musuems are the important points in Sariyer, Bosphorus Side.

Aside from the Bosphorus Side of Sariyer, there are other social and high-quality areas such as Istinye and Seyrantepe. In these areas, you can spend time with your family in the largest shopping malls of Istanbul such as Istinye Park and Vadistanbul. In both shopping malls, there are outdoor cafes and restaurants as well as concert halls and other social activities.

Where to Buy An Apartment in Sariyer?


Seyrantepe is located in central Istanbul, nearby to Kagithane border of Sariyer. The area is an urban transformation area that is full of new real estate projects. All the apartments for sale in this area are the new ones. To buy an apartment in Istanbul, Seyrantepe is one of the most popular locations. It is such a nice area for family living as well. Most of the apartments in this area have forest view and the apartments are in large real estate projects with social facilities. Vadistanbul, Avangart Istanbul, Seba Flats, Porta Vadi, Skyland and Nurol Life are some of the most preferred real estate projects in the Seyrantepe Area.


Zekeriyakoy is in the northern part of Sariyer. It is 15 minutes from Maslak by driving. Zekeriyakoy is one of the greenest areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul. Most of the apartments for sale in Zekeriyakoy are low-rise buildings or villas. It is a very convenient location for a family living since it is not filled with buildings but mostly with green areas. It is also 15 minutes to reach to Kilyos area where you can swim in the sea. Ormankoy and Koy Zekeriyakoy are the most popular real estate projects in this area. In these projects there are garden duplexes, roof duplexes and attached villas. Apartments in Zekeriyakoy have great interior qualities and the real estate projects have all the social facilities.


Istinye is located in central Sariyer nearby to Maslak Area. It is between Buyukdere Street and Bosphorus Side. It’s an urbanized area with lots of social services. It is one of the most popular locations to buy an apartment in Istanbul. Apartments in Istinye are mostly luxury ones in a well-organized real estate projects. Istinye Park Residence, Nida Park Istinye and Qent Istinye are some of the most preferred real estate projects in Istinye.


Kadikoy is on the central Asian Side of Istanbul. It is a very central location and for many people it is the best place to live in Istanbul. It is a seaside district with lots of seaside activities such as beaches, marinas and sailing clubs. Kadikoy is the district that you can enjoy the sea most. The population of Kadikoy is 481.983 as in 2020 and it is one of the smallest districts of Istanbul with a 25,20 km2 land area.

Why To Buy An Apartment in Kadikoy?

Kadikoy is one of the most livable districts of Istanbul. With seaside areas, iconic neighborhoods and with famous Bagdat Street it is clearly it is the most colorful part of Istanbul. Bagdat Street is a long shopping street with well-known brands, restaurants and cafes. It is also a very nice walking destination. Bagdat Street is parallel to the Coastal Road which has a long walking path and a very big city park. For people who live nearby Kadikoy it is a ritual to take walking tour on Bagdat Street and Coastal Road and to have a picnic in Caddebostan beach park. In addition to that, there is a bicycle road along the coastal road. You can take a bicycle tour with your family nearby to the Marmara Sea.

Fenerbahce and Kalamis are the other seaside locaitons in Kadikoy. They are located nearby to the Kadikoy center. These are very prestigious locations with seaside café restaurants, marinas and sailing clubs. If you are interested in sailing, there are many sailing clubs in Fenerbahce and Kalamis where you can take lessons.

Kadikoy has one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Istanbul, ModaModa is located right next to Kadikoy Center nearby to the Marmara Sea. With its beautiful streets, places and seaside parks, Moda is one of the favorite spots of people of Istanbul to spend time with their families. It is one of the reasons why Kadikoy is among the best places to buy an apartment in Istanbul for family living.

Where to Buy An Apartment in Kadikoy?


Fikirtepe is nearby to Kadikoy center and Bagdat Street right next to E-5 Highway. It’s a massive urban transformation area.  More than 10 new real estate projects were built in Fikirtepe and many more is coming up. The production quality in the area is very high. Real estate projects have lots of social facilities and apartments have higher qualities. Many apartments in Fikirtepe have the Marmara Sea and Pricess Islands view. Fikirtepe is also one of the cheapest places that you can buy a new apartment in  Kadikoy. Fortis Sinanli and Sua Elite Concept projects are the popular projects in the area.

Goztepe – Erenkoy – Suadiye

Goztepe, Erenkoy and Suadiye are nearby Bagdat Street locations next to each other. Apartments for sale in these 3 locations are either above Bagdat Street or between Bagdat Street and Coastal Road. In these locations there are boutique building projects instead of large real estate projects. Because of the urban transformation lots of new buildings have been built in these areas. Goztepe – Erenkoy – Suadiye line is the best place to buy apartment nearby to Bagdat Street. Park Residence Cadde is a popular housing project in this area.


Fenerbahce is located near to Kadikoy Central next to the Marmara Sea. It’s a very calm and family living kind of place. Although there is not any large real estate project in this area, apartments in single buildings have large spaces, high qualities and beautiful views. Fenerbahce is one of the most special places to buy an apartment in Kadikoy Istanbul.


Beylikduzu is located at southwest Istanbul next to the Marmara Sea. It is around 45 km away from the central Istanbul. There are public transportation facilities such as Metrobus which make you reach  the central Istanbul faster. Beylikduzu is a new area with very nice urbanization and organization. In fact, it is one of the most proper areas or Istanbul. Lots of green areas and seaside facilities available in Beylikduzu. Therefore, it is one of the best locations to buy apartment in Istanbul for family living. Apartment prices in new real estate projects are more affordable in Beylikduzu compared with the central locations.  The population of Beylikduzu is 365.572 as in 2020 and the land area is 37,21 Km2.

Why To Buy Apartment in Beylikduzu?

Beylikduzu is one of the well-organized and safest districts of Istanbul. It is both nearby to Istanbul and away from Istanbul’s rush. You can feel more relaxed in Beylikduzu during the day. Streets are wide, parks are larger and there is an access to the sea whenever you want in Beylikduzu. Also, the largest city park of Istanbul, Valley of Life is in Beylikduzu. You can take a walk, have a picnic or take a bicycle tour in Valley of Life with your family.

In addition to that, Beylikduzu has a very lively sea side part. In the West Istanbul Marina, there are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy with your family. Also, you can swim in the Marmara Sea in the Beylikduzu Beach. There are sailing and yachting clubs in the marina if you are interested with sea sports as well.

Lastly, there are nice shopping malls in Beylikduzu such as Marmara ParkPerla Vista and Torium which you can find all the well-known shops, restaurants, cinemas and other social activities that you do not need to go to city center.

Where to Buy Apartment in Beylikduzu


Cumhuriyet mah. Is located at norther part of Beylikduzu nearby to the E-5 Highway. It is also the neighborhood of Valley of Life is. From Cumhuriyet it is easier to reach to the city center since the E-5 and metrobus station is in this area. There are large and high-quality real estate projects in Cumhuriyet mah. Also, apartments for sale in Cumhuriyet Beylikduzu have valley of life, city and partial sea views. Apartment sizes in here are larger since it’s a family living area. Kameroglu Metro Home, West Side Istanbul and Demir Romance projects are the most popular real estate projects in Cumhuriyet, Beylikduzu for family living

Baris – Kavakli

Baris and Kavakli neighborhoods are next to each other and located between the Marmara Sea and Valley of Life. In this part of Beylikduzu there are café & restaurant streets and shopping malls mostly. Real estate projects in these areas are nice and suitable for family living with its amenities. Vira Istanbul, Demir Country and Azur Marmara are some of the most preferred real estate projects in these locations


Marmara neighborhood is the sea side part of Beylikduzu. It is also where West Istanbul Marina is. Marmara mah. Is the first preference of people who wants to have a seaside lifestyle. It is also one of the locations that to buy apartment in Istanbul for enjoying the sea side life style. It is possible to find villas too in this location. Deniz Istanbul and Dekar Asmali are some of the best-selling real estate projects in Marmara, Beylikduzu.

Buy Apartment in Istanbul for Family Living

Istanbul’s family living concept locations are not limited with these 3 areas. Let us find you the best apartment option that fits with your expectation for family living. To find out more to buy apartment in Istanbul for family living concept kindly leave a contact form.