Best Studio Apartments in Istanbul

Best Studio Apartments in Istanbul

The best studio apartments in Istanbul are preferred by many people for various purposes such as living alone, using as a vacation apartment and buy to let purposes. Although studio apartments were originally designed for low, middle income or students to live; nowadays it has become a housing model demanded by people from every budget. You can often come across studio apartment projects, especially on the European side of Istanbul, which is close to business centers and where universities are concentrated. “Besiktas, Sisli, Maslak, Seyrantepe and Kagithane have taken their places among the best studio apartments in Istanbul. The advantages of studio apartments also reveal the reasons for the increasing demand.


Advantages of Studio Apartments in Istanbul

The main feature of studio apartments is that all the necessary living items are in a small area. The first studio apartments built were designed as 1+0. These residences are located in the same area of the American-style kitchen, living room and bedroom without any wall partitions. However, in order to provide privacy, the bathrooms and toilets are designed as a separate area, separated by a wall. In buildings where studio apartments are designed as 1+1, the bedroom is separated from the living room and the American-style kitchen by a wall. The area of studio apartments generally varies between 27-90 m². Studio apartments in Istanbul are generally preferred by people with a minimalist lifestyle.

Since the living space in studio flats is small and all of them are arranged in a common area, the energy costs used for heating and lighting are considerably reduced. Even a few light bulbs, heating fan or air conditioner may be sufficient for lighting.


Studio apartments are places where cleaning is completed in a short time and less cleaning materials are used. Therefore, living in a studio apartment also saves time and money.


In studio apartments, all items are at hand and within your sight. From the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the bed, from the bed to the dining table, you can easily handle all your work in a practical way. You can meet your needs by taking just a few steps from where you are or simply by changing the direction of your arms.

Since all the vital elements in studio apartments are located in a small area, the interior design must be done in a very functional way. On the other hand, the number of furniture needed is much less due to the small area. Interior design can be made at much more affordable prices by choosing furniture that will make the best use of the space. There are many design styles and decorative materials available today. If you want to buy a studio apartment in Istanbul, be sure that you can easily find decoration materials that will reflect your personality.


Studio apartments are much more affordable compared to other residences in terms of cost due to the small spaces they have. If you want to be a low-budget apartment for sale in Istanbul, you can choose studio apartments.


Best Studio Apartment Examples

In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages in studio apartments, luxury and comfort are offered to you as quality and stylish living spaces. You may find it difficult to choose in these comfortable living spaces, which are also the first choice of high-end expats. Seeing the sample flats or browsing the internet 360 degrees, contacting your real estate agent will make the process easier for you.


Security is also at maximum level in studio flats, most of which are located on closed gate real estate projects that also offer residence services and are managed by professional staff. An apartment that offers the comfort of a 5-star hotel in the middle of the city or a more economical apartment that offers basic needs and a gym… If you haven't decided yet, you can contact us now.