Apartments for Sale in Istanbul - Best 1-bedroom Investment Apartments

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul - Best 1-bedroom Investment Apartments

1-bedroom apartments for sale in Istanbul are the most preferred ones for investment purposes. It allows you to make a property investment in Istanbul with smaller budgets. Since the rental capability is very high for 1-bedroom apartments, it is a very profitable way of real estate investment in Istanbul.  Students, white-collar workers, expats and millions of other people in Istanbul prefer to live in a 1-bedroom apartment mostly in the new real estate projects. That’s why buying 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Istanbul is very popular.

Where to buy 1-bedroom Apartments for Sale in Istanbul?

At the beginning of the 2000s, 1-bedroom apartments were only available in the city center. Nowadays, business centers, universities, hospitals, shopping malls and other social services spread all around Istanbul. That’s why both in the city center and out of the city center, there are 1-bedroom apartments for sale in new real estate projects. By considering both location and the quality of the real estate project we listed the best investment 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Istanbul.

1 – Sinpas Queen Bomonti / Bomonti

Sinpas Queen Bomonti is a new real estate project in Bomonti, Sisli. It consists of a residential tower and 20.000 m2 of a city park within. The concept of the project is a luxury residence project with the studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and few numbers of large apartments as in 3 and 4 bedrooms. The location of the project is very central right between Kagithane and Besiktas Tunnels and walking distance to the Osmanbey metro station. Therefore, it is a very convenient location for students who study in Bahcesehir, Bilgi, Yildiz Technical, Istanbul Technical universities and also people who work in Taksim, Besiktas, Sisli areas.

In Queen Central, apartments have great interior qualities with fully equipped kitchens. Sizes of 1-bedroom apartments for sale change between 80 sqm to 107 sqm. In upper floor apartments, there is a beautiful sea view. Prices for 1-bedroom apartments start from 193,000 USD and rental prices for 1-bedroom apartments are between 750 USD to 1000 USD. Rental capability is very high in the project due to the reasons listed above. Sinpas Queen Bomonti is a very suitable investment opportunity amongst the apartments for sale in Istanbul.

2 – Karat 34 / Kucukcekmece

Karat 34 is a residential new mix compound in Kucukcekmece nearby to the old Ataturk Airport. In Karat 34 there are 6 blocks as in residentials and office blocks with lots of social facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, garden, walking paths, etc. The concept of the project is a mixed real estate project with good quality and landscape. There are apartments for sale in Karat 34 Istanbul from studio to 3-bedroom. The project does not offer large apartments bigger than 3 bedrooms since it is also designed for buy to let purposes.

Karat 34 is located in the Basin Ekspres Street which is one of the busiest streets in the area. It is the road that connects E-5 Highway to Tem Highway. There are lots of business centers, residential projects and shopping malls on Basin Ekspres Street. Karat 34 is also close by to E-5 Highway and a coastal road. Karat 34 is preferred by the people who work or study in the western part of Istanbul such as Bakirkoy, Bagcilar, Basin Ekspres street and Kucukcekmece

In the project, the qualities of the apartments are good although they are not 1st class. Since the project is more of a budget project, 1st class quality of the products would have inflated the price. However, apartments for sale in the project still have great designs with fully equipped kitchens. 1-bedroom apartments’ sizes are between 54 sqm to 91 sqm and prices start from 81,000 USD. Rental prices in the project change between 300 USD to 400 USD.

3 – Kuleli Evleri / Bomonti

Kuleli Evleri Bomonti is a boutique housing project which consists of 3 stages in Bomonti, Sisli. It’s a low budget real estate project with a standard quality apartment.  The project does not have lots of social facilities. There is a gym, security and indoor parking in the project. However, the importance of Kuleli Evleri Bomonti is that the project has the most affordable new apartments for sale in Istanbul city center as well as the Bomonti area. Since there aren’t many new apartment options in Bomonti for reasonable prices, Kuleli Evleri Bomonti has a unique position about this.

The project is located on Bomonti – Ferikoy border which is 1,5 km away from the Bomonti center. In comparison with the other projects, Kuleli Evleri Bomonti is a little bit outside of the circle. But in the area, it is the only new real estate project. Therefore, apartments in the project are very popular for renting out.

The interior quality of apartments for sale in Kuleli Bomonti Evleri is standard. By the kitchen equipment, layout, and product quality Kuleli Evleri Bomonti is a very livable option. Although there are large apartments in the project, the majority of the apartments are 1-bedroom apartments. The sizes of 1-bedroom apartments start from 75m2 and go up to 80m2. The initial price for 1-bedroom in Kuleli Bomonti Evleri is 78,000 USD. And the rent for 1-bedroom apartments changes between 300-350 USD.

4 – Fortis Sinanli / Kadikoy

Fortis Sinanli is a mixed real estate project in Fikirtepe, Kadikoy. It consists of residential blocks, office blocks and commercial stores. It’s a very large project which is built on over 26,000 square meters. The quality of the project and interior design is high. Fortis Sinanli offers lots of social facilities and open-air social areas such as cafes, restaurants and internal square. In addition to that, all the amenities such as a swimming pool and gym are considered in this project.  Amongst apartments for sale in Istanbul Asian Side, Fortis Sinanli is a new and affordable option.

The location of Fortis Sinanli is the Fikirtepe neighborhood of Kadikoy. It is located right near to E-5 highway and metrobus station. From Fortis Sinanli, it is easier to reach Bosphorus BridgeKadikoy center, Bagdat street and the coastal road. Therefore, for the people who work or study in the Central Asian Side of Istanbul, Fortis Sinanli is a very popular place to live. In comparison with the new apartments in Kadikoy, Fikirtepe apartments are way more affordable. That’s why Fortis Sinanli is a very suitable investment project in Istanbul.

The project is designed both for small apartments and large apartments. Due to the easy to reach location, apartments have high demands. Production quality is higher than the standard as well as the kitchen equipment. 1-bedroom apartments are between 59 to 95 square meters and the starting price for 1-bedroom apartments is 86,000 USD. Rental prices for 1-bedrooms are 300-370 USD.

5 – Makyol Santral / Bahcesehir

Makyol Santral Bahcesehir is a residential compound in Bahcesehir. The project has apartment blocks and townhouse concept villas. In the project there Is a swimming pool, large internal garden, outdoor basketball field, playground, and fitness center. The quality of the project is above the standard as well as the other projects in the area. Compared to other apartments for sale in Istanbul, Makyol Santral has an advantageous price and good production quality.

Makyol Santral is in Bahcesehir, right across to the largest shopping mall in the area, Akbati. It is both a shopping mall and a social area where people spend time in outdoor restaurantscafes, and cinema theaters. Therefore, Makyol Santral can be accepted as one of the best real estate projects in Bahcesehir in terms of location. In addition to that, since the project is right nearby to the TEM Highway, it is easier to reach many places in the city by car. It is a great alternative for the people who work and study in the west Istanbul area.

In the compound, there are small apartments, large apartments, and villas. The project is suitable for all concepts. Interior quality is higher than the average and defiantly worth the asked prices. The m2 ranges of the 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Makyol Santral are between 64 to 81 sqm. Prices start from 110,000 USD in the project without a cash discount. Rental prices for 1-bedroom apartments are around 320-380 USD.

6 – Tempo City / Kagithane

Tempo City is a residential real estate project in the center of Kagithane. The project contains 2 residantial blocks with open areas and social facilities such as a swimming pool, terracegym, etc. It’s larger than a boutique project which is constructed by one of the most well-known developers of Turkey, Suryapi. The quality of the apartments and the project is high compared to most of the real estate projects in the same area.

It is located in the very central part of Kagithane on the busiest street of the area Cendere StreetTempo City is also within walking distance to the new metro station, Axis Shopping mall and Kagithane center. From Tempo City, it is only 5-7 minutes to reach to Levent and Seyrantepe area. Also, within 10-15 minutes you can reach the most vibrant parts of the city such as Maslak, Besiktas, Sisli and Bosphorus Bridge. Another advantage of the location is that being nearby to the new airport connection road. By considering all these features of the project’s location, Tempo City has a very advantageous position in the apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Tempo City Kagithane is designed for buy to let kind of investment purposes since the demand for the small apartments in Kagithane area one of the highest in entire Istanbul. Most of the apartments for sale are 1-bedrooms and small 2-bedrooms. 1-bedroom sizes change between 61 sqm to 72 sqm. Initial price for 1-bedroom apartments is 196,000 USD without cash discounts. And the rental prices are expected to start from 750 USD when the project is delivered at the end of 2021.

7 – Prime Istanbul / Bahcelievler

Prime Istanbul Residence by Pullman is a hotel concept residence project in Bahcelievler nearby to Basin Ekspres Street. The project is in the 5 starts Pullman hotel and offers the same amenities and services to the residents. In Prime Istanbul Residence there are lots of concierge services and social facilities such as a swimming pool, spa center, Turkish bath, restaurants, fitness center, cafes, reception services, etc. The project is built for buy to let reasons to people who live in a hotel concept residence project.

The residence is in Bahcelievler on Basin Ekspres Street where is nearby to the E-5 highwayold Ataturk Airport and Coastal Road. From Prime Istanbul, it is easier to reach many places by car and public transportation.

The project consists of small apartments as in the studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. In Prime Istanbul Residence, you can buy an apartment in hotel comfort and this is a plus when renting your place out. There are different sizes of 1-bedroom from 87 sqm to 126 sqm. 1 bedroom offers in Prime Istanbul Residence by Pullman start from 129,000 USD. Rental prices reach 550 USD in the residence. Prime Istanbul Residence is a very good investment opportunity within the apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Buy 1-bedroom Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Our 1-bedroom apartments for sale in the Istanbul portfolio are not limited to the projects listed above. We as Century21 Sinerji have offers from more than 50 different real estate projects in Istanbul where you can choose options that suit your own criteria. To learn more about 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can reach us by contact form, via WhatsApp or e-mail.