Apartment Projects with High Return of Investment (ROI) in Istanbul City Center

Apartment Projects with High Return of Investment (ROI) in Istanbul City Center

Real estate investment is an instrument with one of the highest returns on investment in Istanbul, if it is done correctly. There are many locations and real estate projects that are available to invest in. To make the right investment, there are several factors that have to be evaluated very carefully.

First of all, if you are looking to invest in apartment projects with a high return of investment (ROI) in Istanbul city center, it is important to decide what type of ROI you are looking for. High price appreciation or high ROI in terms of rental income? Of course, there are real estate projects/apartments that offer both. However, focusing on one of the 2 types of ROI will bring you more profit over years.

Price appreciation or High Rental Income?

Investors always target to get the maximum return from their real estate investments. In Istanbul city center real estate projects, small square meter apartments in good locations generate the highest ROI in terms of rental income. On the other hand, large types of apartments such as 4- or 5- bedrooms in new central projects make the highest price appreciation over the years while the rental income ratio is lower.

Apartment Projects with High Investment Return in Istanbul European Side

  1. Levent

5.Levent is a large residential real estate project in Eyup nearby TEM Highway. There are over 5000 units in the project. However, there are very few 4-bedroom apartments for sale in 5. Levent. The price for 4+1 apartments in 5. Levent is around 3M Lira, while in the projects next door such as Vadistanbul, Skyland and Nurol Life, the same type of apartment is over 6M Lira. It can be expected that the price of 4+1 apartment in 5. Levent will get closer to the other projects in the nearby area when the project and area is settled in the medium term.

Tempo City Kagithane

Tempo City Kagithane is a real estate project with 2 blocks and social facilities at Cendere Street Kagithane. In this area, there are many small apartments that are rented by students and white-collars. Apartments for sale in Tempo City Kagithane are small and medium size ones as in 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Demand for 1-bedroom apartments in this area is very high. So that, 1 bedroom apartment can be rented out from higher prices in this project while the sales prices are affordable.

Apartment Projects with High Return of Investment in Istanbul Asia

Cubuklu 28  Beykoz

Cubuklu 28 Beykoz is a residential real estate project in Beykoz with beautiful Bosphorus view, very nearby to the 2nd Bosphorus Bridge. Although it’s on the Asian Side of Istanbul, it is 5-10 minutes driving to reach to the European Side. Real Estate projects in this area usually are villa or luxury residential projects with over 1M USD Prices. Prices of large apartments in Cubuklu Beykoz are expected to increase faster since it’s a convenient alternative to the other projects in the same area.

Fortis Sinali Kadikoy

Fortis Sinali Kadikoy is a mixed real estate project in Fikirtepe, Kadikoy. It is next to the E-5 Highway and has an easy to access the location from Kadikoy center and Bosphorus Bridge. Moreover, the project is located nearby to the metro and metro bus stations. When the project quality, location and transpiration facilities are considered, it is easy to rent out small type apartments from higher prices in this project.

How to Buy Apartments Projects with High Investment Return in Istanbul?

Even though only a few of the apartment projects with high return of investment (ROI) are listed above, there are many more options that would fit with your location and budget preferences. You can have more information about the real estate projects in Istanbul from here.